What's Happening in District 5240
April is a very busy month in our District. We kick-off "PEDAL AGAINST POLIO," a month-long event to raise monies for Polio Plus. Pedal Against Polio is a very adaptive, simple plan that will be implemented in many different ways: stationary bikes in homes and fitness centers and/or actual rides in many cities (5k, 10k, 20k, 30k) around the District. Many clubs have chosen their approach to this very flexible and convenient way to support the eradication of polio. I'm so proud of you for taking on the Pedal Against Polio Challenge during April. A big shout-out to Dan Giordano and Jim Lewis for leading this charge.
With each April comes our District Training Assemblies. Please plan on your "continuing Rotary education" in Oxnard on April 2nd, or in Bakersfield on April 23rd. There are many 'elective' classes being offered this year. Our clubs get better when we get better, it's been said.
Also, in April, it's customary for us to visit our sister districts for their District Conferences. First up is our sister district in South Korea, District 3720. Donna and I will be accompanied by District Governor Nominee John Weiss and Past District Governor Chungsam Doh, our leader, interpreter, as well as the father of this district relationship. We are looking forward to the second week in April in Ulsan and Changwon in the southern portion of the country. This will be the last time we visit District 3720. Rotary in South Korea is growing rapidly and on July 1st, District 3720 is splitting into two Districts giving us two sister District relationships in future years. The last week of the month finds us in Mexico with a fairly large delegation from our District in San Miguel de Allende for District 4160's District Conference. Many local Rotarians are also going along to visit on-going grant projects that so many of our clubs have so generously participated in, and of course to continue the many friendships we have developed over the years.
See you at the District Training Assemblies!
In Rotary Service... Jim Bell

Our own member of D5240's Polio Plus Committee, Mike McDermott, has passed on to me the very compelling and informative article from The New England Journal of Medicine. Mike's brother is a MD and practices medicine in the state of Maine.
Thank you Mike.
Yours in Rotary and Polio Eradication,
Jim Lewis
D5240 Polio Plus Committee Chair

Pedal Against Polio is a District wide fundraiser to assist with Rotary's goal of eradication of Polio. We are looking to the month of April 2016 to run the event.
Each District Club is encouraged to participate by putting together, in their area, both an outdoor and indoor bike ride.
Each District Club will have the discretion of determining the distances and locations for the outdoor ride. Each District Club will have the discretion of determining the location for the indoor ride.
Many cities in District 5240 have multiple Rotary Clubs and I would encourage these Rotary Clubs to work together to increase participation.
Think of what could be raised in April 2016 in the effort to eradicate Polio if all 74 District 5240 Clubs participated in putting on a Pedal Against Polio event.
For more information, please contact Dan Giordano at dgiordano@bak.rr.com or call 661-834-1065 if you are interested in participating in the Pedal Against Polio April event.

Looking to enhance your club membership experience? Do you want to find opportunities for growth in your club? Club and district leaders now have a set of updated Membership Assessment Tools (formerly Club Assessment Tools) to help them strengthen club membership and add value to your club membership experience, so that more people will join and fewer members will leave.
For your convenience, you can download the entire publication, or just the individual assessments that are most relevant to your club.
The individual assessments, which walk users through evaluation and development of an action plan, include:
Historical trends show that there’s an increase in membership soon after the new year, so this is the perfect time to consider how you welcome new members into your club. Read how one club is using our New Member Welcome Kits to enhance their welcome and orientation.

On Saturday, March 19th, District 5240 held the first ever Rotaract Retreat in San Luis Obispo. Representatives from many Rotaract Clubs in the District gathered to discuss the strengths and challenges that each club is facing.  Specific goals were to find ways to 1) foster communication and collaboration and 2) to identify ways the District can help support each Rotaract club.  The day was spent brainstorming, sharing ideas and ultimately setting the path for the remainder of this year as well as the upcoming 2016-17 Rotary year with the following people running the ship: District Rotaract Representative, Madelyn Stringham, District Rotaract Chair, MacKenzie West, and MacKenzenzie’s successor, Ben Wilson.  Rotaract Clubs in attendance at the event were Santa Maria Valley, Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Tehachapi and Conejo Valley. The event was sponsored by District 5240 and supported by the lineup of past, present and future District Governors who were all in attendance: Jim Bell, Nick Frankle, John Weiss, and Sandi Schwartz.
Madelyn Stringham

The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo is proud to announce that they’ll be adding a new category to their scholarship awards this year. $5,000 will be awarded to a student who is the first in their family to attend a four-year college. 
This scholarship will be part of the $39,000 the club has set aside for scholarships in 2015-16. In addition to general academic and vocational scholarships for high school and college students, the club also awards the Billie Watson Memorial Music Scholarship, the James W. Braebeck Agricultural Scholarship, the Rizzoli Scholarship (for auto mechanics), and several scholarships for students attending continuation school and those leaving the foster-care program.
Winners in the 2014-15 Rotary year include (in alphabetical order): Andrea Albarran, Mia Alexander, Joshua Barnhart, Keaton Burcheri, David Callahan , Ruby Callahan, Kevin Conroy, Nicholas D’Acri, Felicia Gonzalez, Troy Hanson, Daniel Herrera , Will Kraemer, Jennifer Luck, Kelly McGuire, Bailey Maher, Avery Martin, Malea Martin, Lesly Martinez, Deep Mistry, Mauria Nakamura, Trevor Porter, Shelby Thomas, Sam Thompson, Jonathan Triguero.
For more information, contact Jim Salio, jsalio@msn.com.

Rotary, Oppenheimer, Global Partnership for Education, and the World Bank joined together to present an International Women’s Day event featuring two of Rotary’s Women of Action, Marion Bunch and Deepa Willingham. The event illustrated how women use innovative health and education projects to change the world and improve lives.  Read Quenton Wodon’s article for a fuller understanding.
What can we learn from inspiring Women of Action?
Posted on March 7, 2016 in Rotary Weekly • By Quentin Wodon
Rotary is about service and fellowship. While some value fellowship the most, others place the emphasis on service as the defining characteristic of their Rotary experience. I tend to belong to the second group. I believe in the importance of thinking through the design of our service projects to ensure they have a lasting and measurable impact on those we are trying to help.
That is why I am excited about an upcoming event for International Women’s Day that will feature two women who have exemplified this in their tireless work on behalf of the less fortunate. Both Marion Bunch and Deepa Willingham have been recognized by Rotary as Women of Action, and for good reason. They will be featured in an event on 8 March from 14:00 to 15:00 Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) at the World Bank. The event will be streamed live, and a recording will be available later.
Marion Bunch is the head of Rotarians for Family Health & AIDS Prevention. Bunch acted on a heart-felt desire to extend health care to hundreds of thousands who lacked it, and has helped organize free Family Health Days in several countries in Africa and now South Asia. The health screenings are both effective and economical.
Deepa Willingham founded PACE Universal out of a desire to empower young women from impoverished areas through education, health, nutrition, and social development. I talked to Willingham recently, and was impressed at her commitment and dedication. When she left her native India to pursue a degree in the United States, she made a vow to return home and effect real change for girls there. She is keeping that vow, having returned to India to manage several different interventions including opening a secondary school in a village that lacked one and helping women earn a decent wage.
The Women’s Day event is an excellent opportunity to hear and learn from these women. Please share this information with Rotary members you know and your friends. Let’s be inspired to do great service through Rotary.
About the author: Quentin Wodon is a lead economist at the World Bank. He holds PhDs in economics and in theology and religious studies, and has taught at universities in Europe and the U.S. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Capitol Hill, in Washington, D.C., and is involved in several innovative global grants. He is also author of the Rotarian Economist blog.

RC of Newbury Park's Treasurer and Youth Director (and District Youth Chair), JOE JOYCE, was recognized as Volunteer of the Year by The Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce at their Gala on March 4, 2016. Thanks to RC Newbury Park Past President, Patrick Miller, CEO of CBC Credit Union, for hosting the Rotary table at the gala. Pictured are various members of Group 4 clubs and their significant others, with Joe and his wife Annette to his right in the center.

We spoke at the Central California Coast Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America on the 11th of March! They wanted to hear about what we are doing for the local veterans. We told them about being 100% sustainable... our goal! We will accomplish this through tee shirt sales, donation jars and other fundraising efforts. Thank you all for helping us help our veterans...without your financial support this wouldn't be possible!
On April 1st, we will be presenting a dog to a Vietnam Veteran! This will take place at the Los Osos Rotary meeting in Baywood Park. If you are interested in attending please call 805-710-0332 because advanced reservations are required. This is the first dog being placed through the efforts of the local Rotary clubs (Cayucos, Morro Bay, Los Osos, the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo and Los Olivos Rotary)
NAME THAT DOG! On April 12th we will be at Cayucos Elementary School providing the local school kids with a chance to name our puppy . . . the symbol logo red, white and blue dog. These children will also see the dog perform its service dog duties!
On April 19th from 11am to 1 pm, we will be at Cuesta College to be a part of "the Veterans Community Providers Fair." We will talk to the Veterans and explain what we have to offer.
On April 29th, we take the show on the road! Cambria Rotary has invited us to come do our presentation...it's all about the veterans and the dogs. The only way to really see what these dogs can do for these men and women is to attend one of these performances.
Because of the large audience at Madonna Inn, we have been invited to do more and more of our talks and performances! We are now scheduled to speak at County Mental Health Services. We will be there on May 9th with the local director of Veteran Affairs, Chris Lopez. The location will be the County Government Building. This event will be shown on local television. Great things are happening! Come see for yourselves!
We are changing lives... maybe even yours!
Be a part of this... www.pawsforacauseca.org
Gil Igleheart

Rotary District 5240 has recently lost several esteemed and vibrant members. We are saddened at their passing.
EDWARD T. HAGER, M.D., (84) Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks, Arch Klumph Society.
     On February 23, the 111th Anniversary of Rotary International we lost a dear friend of Rotary in District 5240 and especially to the Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks.  A Rotary club member since 1999 and District 5240 Rotarian of the year in 2009-10, he was accepted into the Arch Klumph Society in 2010 and then reached the status of Arch Klumph Level 2 before his passing, a total contribution to Rotary International of well over $500,000. Without question he guided RC of Thousand Oaks into the big leagues of philanthropic giving. To the members of his home club, though, he will be remembered for his embracement of the Spirit of Rotary and his marvelous sense of humor.
     Born February 16, 1932 in Reading, Pennsylvania, Ed had an outstanding academic education, including Mercer Academy, Middleburg College, Duke University and UC Berkeley.  He received his MD degree from Baylor University. He practiced medicine in Santa Monica and Culver City, CA specializing in Internal medicine and Geriatrics.  After 20 years as a physician, Ed became very involved in the field of investing, which led to his spending 6 years as a member of the Pacific Stock Exchange.
In Rotary, Ed found an organization that matched his passion for making a difference. In one instance, Ed initiated a matching donation drive that raised over $100,000 for the club's Rotary Foundation. Every year you could count on Ed to come up with some matching challenge program to make club member giving a success.
     His favorite Rotary Foundation project was Polio Eradication. As a physician he understood firsthand what a terrible impact this disease has on both the child and their family. Ed believed that the Polio partnership with the Gates Foundation demonstrated that the world recognized what he had found: An appreciation for how effectively money is used and managed by Rotary.
     Ed was equally involved in the community. In addition to his school alumni organizations and church activities he was very active in horticulture. A major financial contributor to the Botanical Gardens in Thousand Oaks, Ed was oftentimes found at the Gardens weeding and planting with other volunteers.  He was a major contributor to Special Olympics and was instrumental in the establishment of the highly successful annual RC Thousand Oaks wine event fundraiser held every August. 
     Ed was quoted as saying “If someone ever brings peace to the world, it will be Rotary, because Rotary solves problems and brings people together.
     Ed was happily married to Andrea who preceded him in death after 34 years of marriage.   He is survived by three adult children, Daniel, Robert and Christa.

Larry was eulogized in the last newsletter, although we had not received his obituary.  It is shown here:
Lawrence A. Emrich, 70, of Ventura, passed away on Wednesday, February 17, 2016, following a lengthy illness. Larry was born June 9, 1945, in Highland Park, Michigan, to Philip and Louise VanEyck Emrich.
     Larry graduated from San Marcos High School in 1963 and graduated from UCSB in 1970 with a Bachelor's Degree in English. He dedicated his life to education and began his teaching career at Fillmore High School where he also coached basketball. He was the principal of Ventura High School beginning in 1994 until his retirement in 2006. Larry was highly thought of by colleagues and students alike, and was known for his positive disposition, good judgement and fairness.
He was a dedicated member of the Ventura Rotary Club where he served on the board of directors and as President in 2009/2010. He was the recipient of numerous Paul Harris Fellowship Awards, given to Rotarians for service above self to the community and to Rotary projects.
     Having survived polio as a child, Larry was an advocate for polio eradication and had participated in the National Immunization Day representing Rotary in India on two occasions. He was very proud to have his son Triston accompany him on one of these NID trips to India. On behalf of District 5240, Larry visited many Rotary Clubs promoting participation in Rotary's goal of worldwide polio eradication.
     Larry was an avid surfer, a voracious reader and enjoyed playing cribbage.
     He is survived by his wife of 45 years, Karin Emrich of Ventura; son and daughter-in-law, Tristan and Christi Emrich and grandson, Finn of Valencia; brother and sister-in-law, Bud and Mary Emrich of Santa Barbara; as well as nieces, nephews and many other family members.
     Memorial contributions may be made in Larry's name to the Julius Guis Memorial Foundation, Ventura Rotary Club, P. O. 2100, Ventura, CA 93002-2100.

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