June is the month that is dedicated to ROTARY FELLOWSHIPS. This is one of my very favorite areas of Rotary. There are more than 60 "fellowships" that have been organized by Rotarian enthusiasts in such diverse areas as fishing, flying, golf, horseback riding, internet, cooking, lawyers, rowing, social networks, wine, yachting, scuba diving... I think you're getting the picture. I am a 10+ year member of the IFMR – International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians. One of my Twilight Club members is a long-time member of the IFRM – International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians. The fun part of the fellowships is to meet Rotarians in your area, your state, North America, and most likely from other countries who have the same passion that you do. Most fellowships stay in touch via their website and email newsletters. It's pretty cool and I highly encourage you to join a Rotary fellowship this month!
This is my final Governor Newsletter for 2016. I hope to see YOU at the District Awards and DG Stepdown on June 25th at Moorpark Country Club so I can personally thank each of you for being an awesome Rotarian. I promise it will be a "country-based" hoot and definitely, ON THAT DAY ONLY, more fun than the local law authorities will allow – but we will obtain a special permit! Sign up HERE for the luncheon on June 25th and join the fun! Yippy Ki Yay!!
In addition to thanking all of you who have made my Rotary year as District Governor so great, I especially want to acknowledge how grateful I am to my loving wife, Donna. She has been with me every step of the way, and her help, patience, energy and dedication has made this year possible.
In Rotary Service,
Jim Bell

As Rotary year 2015-16 draws to a close, it's time for your District 5240 Newsletter team, Scott Phillips (President Elect, RC of Goleta Noontime) and me, to put away our quills, ink and keyboards as the new 2016-17 team, under the leadership of Becky Savell (RC of Simi Valley) takes control. Scott and I would like to thank all the loyal Rotarian readers, contributors and newsmakers who've made this year very memorable to us. A special thanks to District Governor Jim Bell for his stewardship and contributions.
Going forward, if you would like something published in the monthly newsletter, address your material to and make sure it arrives by the 20th of the month preceding the new newsletter (for example, all material for the July newsletter must be submitted no later than June 20th.) Late arriving material will either be filed or published in the following newsletter if the topic remains timely. The email address above will go to Cindy Jacoby.
If you want to inquire about the District 5240 website, send comments/questions to This email address will go to Becky Savell.
As always, in Rotary service,
Neil Walker
RC of Bakersfield Breakfast

Do you recognize any of these Rotarians/Rotaractors? They were chosen to represent our District at the Young Leaders Summit in Seoul, South Korea on Friday, May 27th and then attend their very first Rotary International Convention in Seoul. Here they are having just arrived in Seoul and having their first meal together. We are so proud of them! They are... Dominique Bredeson (RC of San Luis Obispo), Jonathan Broida (Rotaract Club of Santa Barbara), Rene Martinez (RC of Buellton), Shane Nazareth (Rotaract Club of Santa Barbara), and David Vo (RC of Santa Barbara Sunrise).

At the 1917 Rotary Convention in Atlanta, President Arch Klumph spoke about his dream of creating a Rotary endowment fund. A century later, we're celebrating The Rotary Foundation and all the good work Rotarians have been able to do since then -- because one man dared to dream.
We're offering an extra-special early registration rate of $265 for the 2017 Rotary Convention, in honor of Arch Klumph's 6 June birthday, and the $26.50 first contribution to Rotary's endowment.
Join us in Atlanta next June. Register and pay today, because this special price of $265 is good only until 6 June 2016.

Each year the Rotary Club of Camarillo has an essay contest for local students. The theme of the essay is the Rotarian's 4-Way Test - an ethical guide for making personal and professional decisions. The students examine and write about a personal dilemma and use the 4-Way Test in deciding what to do about it.
Congratulations to the winners of the essay contest, who also get cash awards. They are:
1st place - Michelle Lui from Adolfo Camarillo High School
2nd place - Sage Mertes from Las Colinas Middle School
3rd place - Nicoletta Bryan from Las Colinas Middle School
Max Copenhagen
RC of Camarillo

On April 22, 2016, thirty-five students and 10 staff members from Sequoia Elementary of Fresno County School District joined Cayucos Elementary School students with Cayucos Rotary Club members for a beach clean-up, and learning about Cayucos, the pier and community. A majority of the students had never been to the coast or ocean. The Club provided pizza and goody bags with Paws for a Cause T-Shirts, salt-water taffy, school supplies and snacks. The day was a great success.

Once again Rotary Club of Moorpark Rotarian Matt Miguelena traveled to India in March and April of 2016 to use his medical expertise to help those in need.
Matt was able to work in several government hospitals, a mobile hospital, and a free clinic. He also met with fellow Rotarians from 3 different clubs. It was also no surprise that he also met with longtime friend Dr. Matthew Varghese who runs one of the only hospitals in India which conducts Polio reconstructive surgeries.
Matt was even able to get Dr. Varghese to make a short video on a YouTube channel that goes out to millions of viewers (see the link:
The photos attached say it all relative to the difference these sorts of trips make in the lives of those who are less fortunate!
Bruce Thomas, President
RC of Moorpark
Rotary Club of Moorpark Rotarian Matt Miguelena in blue T-shirt.

Twenty one of our District 5240 members attended the District 4160's final Conference that included a project Safari. This was the largest Safari group ever from our district to attend a Conference in recent years. This was the farewell conference for District 4160 as they will be merging with District 4150 to form the new District 4140. The group was treated to some great hospitality, cultural events and entertainment in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende in the state of Guanajuato. The group was hosted by the San Miguel de Allende Midday club for most of the stay, with other clubs stepping up to make sure our group had a great time. Part of the Safari group went on after the Conference to visit project sites in San Miguel de Allende and nearby Lagos de Moreno. Others went on to visit Patzcuaro, Santa Clara de Cobre, Michoacan, and Salamanca, Guanajuato.
The Conference and partnership of our district and D4160 started back in 1994, with a matching grant project, and became official in 2002 with the signing of an official Sister Districts agreement. This Sister District agreement has been in place ever since, with groups attending each of the District Conferences based on an exchange of the Governor line each year. This partnership has led to many projects being done both in Mexico and here in our district.
The list of attendees included members of many of our clubs: Governor Jim Bell and Donna (Bakersfield Twilight), Governor Elect Nick Frankle and Heather (Westlake Village Sunrise/Simi Sunrise), Past Governor Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith and E Russell (Santa Barbara Sunrise), Past Governor Wade Nomura - who organized the trip (Carpinteria Morning), Chas Wilson and his wife (Simi Sunrise), Anselmo Moreno and his wife (Bakersfield Twilight), Jeni Moore (Bakersfield Twilight), Pam Zulfa (Bakersfield Twilight), Robert Klug (Lompoc), Luz Polcik (Kern River Valley), Pat Connelly and his wife (San Luis Obispo), Joan Faubert and Bernie (San Luis Obispo), Will van Kranenburg (Templeton) and Georgia Vreeken (Templeton).
The Sister District agreement was officially signed by the District leadership again this year confirming the continuation of our two districts fellowship, project partnerships and friendship exchanges and part of our Object of Rotary; The Development of Acquaintances as an Opportunity to Serve. There are plans again for a Project Safari in conjunction with the D4140 District Conference on May 18-20, 2017 in Puerto Vallarta. For more information, contact Wade Nomura at

The Arroyo Grande Rotary Club recently purchased and presented new US and California State flags to 13 Lucia Mar Unified School District schools. With funds raised by AG Rotary's annual fundraiser, the club was able to afford to replace all the tattered flags at 12 schools and the District Office: Grover, Oceano, Dorothea Lang, Harloe, and Dana Elementary Schools, Mesa, Paulding and Judkins Middle Schools and Arroyo Grande, Nipomo, New Tech, and Lopez High Schools.
A staff member at Grover Elementary brought the need for new flags for the school to a Rotarian's attention. The school budget didn't allow for funds to replace the tattered flags. Upon research, AG Rotarians discovered 12 more schools needing new flags and at that point decided to take action.
Since 1945 the Rotary Club of Arroyo Grande has united business, professional and civic leaders for the common good both locally and around the globe. Arroyo Grande Rotarians are well-known for their various philanthropic and community activities including the annual Rotary Fish Fry during the Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival (September 23rd), the Rotary Relays for local Junior High athletes which occurs each May and the annual Christmas and Holiday Sing-Along show (December 18th) at the Clark Center. The club also funds international service projects and provides over $12,000 in college scholarships yearly. Rotary International is the world's largest and most notable philanthropic service organization. The motto of its 1.2 million members is "Service Above Self."
Additional information concerning the Arroyo Grande Rotary Flag program, please contact AG Rotary member, Janet Wood at 805-489-0864. For more info on the Arroyo Grande Rotary Club see: See the next article for more information on the Club's 2nd Annual Harley Fundraiser Raffle.
Flag Presentation at Oceano Elementary School
AG Rotary Club members flank 4 Oceano students left to right:
Drew Johnson, Cynthia Ramirez, Cristian Camacho and Jonathan Cervantes
School Principal Michele Johnson is to the immediate left of the students.
Photo Credit: Chris Garey
Margie Drube
RC of Arroyo Grande

The Rotary Club of Arroyo Grande is hosting our 2nd Annual Rotary Harley Raffle to raise money for local community nonprofits and Rotary projects. We have partnered with the local nonprofit AmpSurf to host a poker run the day of the event.  We invite all to participate by buying a ticket or becoming a sponsor.
Margie Drube - Rotary Club of Arroyo Grande

Polio Committee and Fellow Rotarians,
Preparing for the WHA: next week, health ministers from around the world will convene in Geneva for the annual World Health Assembly (WHA). Among other public health topics, delegates will review and discuss the latest global polio epidemiology.
Between April 17 and May 1, the type 2 component of oral polio vaccine (OPV) was removed from use through a globally synchronized switch from the trivalent to bivalent oral polio vaccine. This was the first stage objective 2 of the Polio Eradication and End Game Strategic Plan 2013-2018 to withdraw OPV in a phased manner following the eradication of the wild poliovirus type 2 in September 2015.
Thanks to the efforts of a wide range of stakeholders from Ministries of Health, health workers, volunteers, switch monitors, WGO, UNICEF and partners of the WHO, confirmation has been received that 155 countries have completed the switch.
A reminder, our NID Alumni Luncheon will be held at the Historic Santa Maria Inn on June 11th, from 11am until 2pm. See the flyer below. This will give the NIDers a chance to meet again and just have a good time. PDG Frank Ortiz will be the emcee for the event.
Please pass the word out that this event is going to happen and to encourage their NID Alums to attend. We only have 100 seats so if you want to attend, let me know and I will sign you up.
Yours in Rotary and Polio Eradication,
Jim Lewis
D5240 Polio Committee Chair

The iconic polio story, a story told often and told well, makes a deserving headline. Rotary and its partners have achieved success beyond measure … success that should be shared far and wide, in every language and throughout the world. We can be proud of the results: only 76 wild polio cases in the world last year. We can be proud of the mobilization as the WHO leads an eradication effort that blankets the globe. We can be proud of the fundraising as all the partners including Rotary and Rotarians, WHO, governments, Bill Gates and others consistently meet the financial needs of the Polio Campaign.
BUT, as the world celebrates, we must not forget that the price for polio eradication is more than money. The headlines on January 13, 2016, read “Suicide attack … in southwest Pakistan kills 15, mostly policemen”. This hints at the rest of the story. So let us remind ourselves of the human cost to polio eradication. The January 13 murders, like so many terrorist attacks and tragedies in our world, were on the front page of the newspapers one day and gone the next in favor of another story. It’s easy to tell ourselves that the attacks happened somewhere else, somewhere over there, allowing us to gloss over this tragic cost … allowing us to numb ourselves to the result.
We must remind ourselves: No matter how noble the cause, the loss of even one life matters. And this was not a unique event: There were similar headlines on December 29, 2015, one life in Afghanistan; March 11, 2014, 11 lives in Pakistan; March 17, 2014, two more; February 2014, four lives in Pakistan; February 2013, nine lives in Nigeria ; and there have been many more. In Pakistan alone there have been almost 100 murders associated with the polio campaign. In addition to the killings, polio workers and their families are targeted with death threats, harassment and blackmail causing disruption to families. See link
It’s critical to remember the commitment and sacrifice made by the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria to help the world finish the eradication effort. I am not sure how we value their contribution. What’s a human life worth? What are 100 human lives worth? Clearly, the costs have not only been money but also human life and suffering.
So, if I debate with myself about a donation to PolioPlus … if I wonder if my donation should be $10 or $100 or $10,000 … then I should also wonder about the deaths of over 100 Afghans, Nigerians and Pakistanis. I should also wonder how their commitment to polio has affected their lives, their families and their communities. I should wonder how my financial gift will honor their sacrifice.
There is no doubt that we must stay focused on the goal of a polio free world, Rotary’s number one priority. We must stay committed to the children of the world. At the same time, we need to remember and be thankful for those, past, present and future, who have sacrificed their lives, rights and freedom for a polio-free world. They truly are a gift to the world … and we must never forget!

The Rotary Club of Camarillo awarded college scholarships to nine deserving students on May 25, 2016.  Applications were invited from schools in the Camarillo area, including the two main high schools, the continuing education schools, the community college and CSUCI.  We are happy to announce that:
The Bill Kohagen Memorial Scholarship goes to Arielle Mendoza from Adolfo Camarillo High School.
The Tish Taylor Vocational Scholarship goes to Collin Kirksey from ACHS.
The Elaine Petterson Turnaround Scholarship goes to Christine Khann Le from Frontier High School.
The CSUCI Rotaract Student Scholarship goes to Mirna Garcia.
The Active Interact Student Scholarship goes to Samantha Tovar from ACHS.
The Phillip Gore Scholarship goes to Idalis Daisy Perez from Gateway High School. 
The Michael Lavenant Memorial Scholarship goes to Noah Amerault from ACHS.
The Scott Family Memorial Vocational Scholarship goes to Marissa Gonzales from ACHS.
The College Re-entry Scholarship goes to Julieanne Flores at Oxnard Community College.
Camarillo Rotary makes a special effort to award scholarships to students who exemplify the Rotary motto of "Service above Self."  The Scholarship Committee interviews each candidate to see how they are involved in helping others in the community.  
"Grades are important," says Past President Max Copenhagen, "but those with a need and a record of community service are considered favorably in our evaluation".
Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders providing humanitarian service and building goodwill.  Rotarians have served the needs of communities worldwide since 1905.  Rotary clubs meet in Camarillo on Tuesdays for breakfast and on Wednesdays at noon.  For more information about Rotary, see

The Atascadero High School Interact Club started with a clean slate this year, with a new faculty advisor, a new Rotary advisor and many new student members.  Faculty advisor Mike Melzer got us off to a great start by recruiting a membership of 24 students, up from about 10 last year.  More than half of the members are freshmen, which bodes well for the livelihood of the club for years to come.  Even the club president is a freshman, Haddie Daner, daughter of Atascadero Rotarian, Adam. 
This year’s Interact group has been both ambitious and vibrant from the get-go.  Every week, club members bring new community service ideas to the table and work diligently on projects in progress.  This year’s activities have included campus trash clean-ups, a beach clean-up, participation in the Atascadero Color Run, and fundraising such as holding on-campus bake sales and leaving jars in every classroom for students to donate spare change.  Additionally, Interact members got involved with Atascadero’s Rotarians by auctioning Valentine’s Day desserts, waiting tables at the Crab Feed and they will be serving ice cream alongside Rotarians during Children’s Day at the Park later this month.  Atascadero Interact intends to donate 100% of its fundraising proceeds of approximately $2,000 to the North County Humane Society.
If Atascadero High Interact had one defining moment this year, it would be the remarkable turn-out at the Cal Poly women’s basketball game in late February.  All Rotary-, Interact- and Rotaract Clubs on the Central Coast were invited, and the organizers promised recognition for the clubs with the most members in attendance.  Not only did Atascadero High Interact win the competition- they actually had more representation than every other club COMBINED.  This was a shining example of how dedicated these kids are.

I would like to tell you about our Flower Empower event that we as a Rotaract club participated in. 
Flower Empower is a volunteer-driven program put on by the Dream Foundation where volunteers spend the morning building bouquet arrangements for people who are in need. Volunteers then deliver the flower arrangements to hospitals, hospice care, cancer centers, and personal addresses. The purpose of this program is to let people who are in the places described know that they are not alone, and that their community cares. Referrals for recipients of the flowers are provided by cancer centers, doctors, hospice officials, and doctors.
For more information, please feel free to contact:
Jonathan Broida, President
Santa Barbara Rotaract

The Hap Rapp Track Meet is a Camarillo tradition.  Rotarian Hap Rapp founded the meet for aspiring young athletes 54 years ago. This year the meet will be on Saturday, May 21 at the Adolfo Camarillo High School Track, 4660 Mission Oaks Blvd, Camarillo.  The meet is designed for 4th through 8th graders to discover their athletic ability.  Over 300 students from 14 schools are expected to participate.  Events include the 50-, 75-, and 100-yard dashes, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put, relays and distance races.  Trophies and ribbons will be presented and high scores will be posted online at
Los Altos School athletes at the Hap Rapp Track Meet in the early days with Rotarian Bill Bauer.

We traveled to the Los Olivos Rotary Club on the 19th of May. This was our second meeting with the club and we renewed  our friendships. John Mathews, President-elect was very gracious and gave us a presidental welcome. We spoke about all the updates that we have encountered within the last month. Some of these are still shocking to us...Applebee’s  restaurant chain has offered to let us do pancake breakfasts and we pay them a nominal fee and we keep the rest. We can also pass out flyers to different clubs and they give them to their server and Paws receives 15% of the bill, no alcohol involved! This can happen once a week, for over 600 long as we can get the Rotary Clubs in these areas on board. You pass out the flyers, go to dinner on a specific night, and Paws gets the monies.  Most of these involved us using Interact kids and we give them half the profit. They love helping Paws! We have done two BBQs with them, both at Minors Hardware, one in Morro Bay and the other in Los Osos. They, Applebee's, saw one of our brochures and THEY called us...the word is getting out.
We also went to Paso Robles Rotary in May and one Rotarian, who is connected to Idler's Home Center, is doing a Fundraiser during the Memorial Day Weekend.  A percentage of these funds goes right to acquire the dogs.  How nice is this...thank you to the Idler Family! We are making headway in the prison system...15 (trained) inmates training 6 dogs, 24/5.  The other two days they go home with the staff for socialization. Another organization that has stepped up is Lemos Feed.  We have donation jars and brochures in Morro Bay and Los Osos, and plan on getting them in the other 12 stores. These stores are located from Santa Barbara to Paso Robles. We are just waiting for approval from the managers, as they have some input, especially if they already have a local benefit on-going.  All good news! Much more on these as they continue to develop. We also were speakers at the Community Health Faire and received two more speaking engagements from that event.
On a different note, we are making some headway but we are running out of trainers! So, we decided to contact Cuesta and Hancock Colleges to see if they are interested in doing a College program.  There is only one university in the world that teaches Cynology- the studies of Canines. This will take awhile to become a reality but our Veterans are worth the time! 
One of our contacts is from Vandenberg Air Force Base. We will be helping our Rotarians from Santa Barbara County to help put a dog and veteran together there. We have had numerous leads from there and have a commitment from them for money, veterans and fundraisers...stay tuned for more! We are very excited about our progress... we have only had this up and running since September of last year and have had a major impact in this area...both financially and more importantly, we’ve had an impact with our VETERANS!
We, Paws for a Cause, want to personally thank Neil Walker and Scott Phillips who were encouraging and helpful getting these newsletters out to YOU!   Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!
For more information see:  or call Gil Igleheart @ 805-710-0332

The 40th annual Thousand Oaks Chili Cook-Off & Classic Car Show was held on April 24th, and it was a rousing success. When you can get to the 40th annual of ANYTHING, that’s pretty special – when it’s a Rotary fundraiser that’s gone this long, that’s extra special – and when 100% of the proceeds go to local charities, you’ve got an event that goes to the top of the “must-go-to” list.
For the first time, this well-attended event was held at Conejo Creek Park North, right across the street from our previous venue.  We couldn’t have found a better location. The sprawling park grounds with its trails, bridges, meandering creek and sparkling lake was the perfect setting. If it was too warm for some, there was the shade of the tall oak trees and covered picnic areas. A cool partly cloudy morning gave way to bright blue skies and a gorgeous sunny afternoon.
So while being a great fundraiser in spectacular surroundings, it was loads of fun, too. With plenty of tasty chili, great food and drink, an endless array of classic cars, a spirited Kids Zone, and three stages of non-stop music and entertainment, one would be hard pressed to find anyone not smiling.
With “chili” in the name, you’d be correct in assuming the amount chili to sample would be bountiful. More than forty chili booths had lines snaking everywhere. An International Chili Society (ICS) sanctioned event, the cooks took their chili seriously. Between the ICS approved judges, and the general public as critics, there were hard choices to make with the peak quality of chili on display.
The line-up of Classic cars was no less impressive. When you see the parade of cars with ages that span several decades, you know these car owners have good reason to be beaming. When you see the endless polishing with some car aficionados using Q-tips to be extra pristine, you know you’re not just looking at older, restored cars, but ones with a rich history and a pride of ownership.
Then there was the music. Three stages to be exact. Run by the two sponsoring Rotary Clubs, and the popular destination, Borderline Bar & Grill, the music went on throughout the day. From several local favorite bands to the greatly anticipated featured group, Cover 2 Cover (covering all the hits, of course), an abundance of good vibes were spread all around. To close out the day, throngs delighted to the sounds of SouthBound, one of the best Allman Brothers tribute bands in the country.
In between the music there was a fashion show and a troupe of Shakespearean players. And we can’t forget the day’s opening with the Thousand Oaks High School marching band.
What else? There was the endless fun for the younger crowd at the Kids Zone. There were the bungie running, the inflatable climbing bounce house that resembled a horse, the petting zoo, the face painting, the ring toss, and the arts & crafts, just to name a few (or in this case, a lot). And we know the Kids Zone was also appreciated by the parents, as well.
The triumph of this family-fun event was achieved through the tireless efforts (maybe we’re a little tired) of the all-volunteer teams that are comprised of members and friends of the Thousand Oaks and Conejo Valley Rotary Clubs. Add to that the generous support of a multitude of local sponsors eager to give back to their community, and you’ve got a recipe for great success. For those that helped and participated, you have a lot to be proud of.
And for those that missed it, there’s always next year – Sunday, April 30th, 2017 to be exact.

The following article appeared in the Santa Ynez Valley News on November 17, 2015:
Members of the Solvang, Santa Ynez Valley, Lompoc and San Luis Obispo Rotary Clubs have returned home from a medical mission to Nicaragua where they served the communities of Ciudad Sandino and Nueva Vida.

The delegation worked at the Nueva Vida Clinic from Oct. 26-30, supporting the overworked and underfunded local staff by seeing hundreds of patients daily and bringing in needed medical supplies. The Clinic was established in 1999 in response to a refugee resettlement program after Hurricane Mitch devastated parts of Nicaragua and Honduras. The resulting barrio houses thousands of poor families. The Clinic serves those in the barrio and in the nearby community of Ciudad Sandino. 
Linda Johansen, International Chair for the Solvang Rotary, organized the trip of 17 members. 

Dr. Art Kaslow, Yomaira De Leon and Pat Gimmer worked in the dentistry unit. They treated over 80 patients and performed over 85 procedures. 

The cardiac unit, with Dr. Claudio Bonometti and Jose Adorno, treated more than 200 patients and also donated a $10,000 electrocardiogram (EKG) machine, while Max Jensen performed over 200 EKGs. 

Dr. Dennis Bales and Ron Jones, in the ophthalmology unit, saw over 80 patients providing eye exams and glasses that would otherwise not have been affordable to patients whose average income is less than $2 per day. 

Carol Anders, retired RN, and Tom Bormes, handled triage and check-in. 

Norm and Jan Clevenger and Johansen worked in the pharmacy saving staff 120 hours and dispensing $5,000 worth of medicines. 

Rob Klug, Rich Saferite and Joe Brown helped service the Clinic's construction needs by assembling rebar for a new building, digging trenches, extending a suction line to the new surgical unit, installing a roof air duct for suction housing, laying tile in the surgical unit, and providing over 120 hours of manual labor while sharing their skills with the staff. 

Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital and Atterdag Village of Solvang provided many of the medical supplies the Rotary team took with them to Nueva Vida Clinic. 

"We all returned home emotionally and physically exhausted but with touching memories of service to these lovely people," said Johansen.

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