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I am certain most of us are aware of the earthquakes that took place recently in Japan and Ecuador.  There was another “earthquake” recently, on April 12th, in Evanston, Illinois, at our Rotary International Council on Legislation (COL).  Paul Netztel, the Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Foundation called the changes both “evolutionary and revolutionary”.   The COL meets once every three years to consider and vote on “enactments” which, if voted in, change Rotary International’s constitutional documents (the Constitution, bylaws, and the standard club Constitution).  Each district sends a voting delegate so there are 534 voting delegates from around the world who attend.  This very progressive, forward-thinking Council made several important enactments, a few of which I will bullet-point briefly for you here:
  • (16-21)   Flexibility in Meetings/Attendance
    • How often a club meets is now up to the club except it must meet two times per month (there is no definition of “meeting”).
    • Attendance requirements are now up to the club.
    • (16-21) Allows clubs to remain the same or change accordingly.
  • (16-36)   Kinds of Membership
    • Clubs may now have other types of memberships than the standard “active and honorary” memberships.  This may include “corporate, associate, family,” etc.  memberships. 
  • (16-38)  Revise Qualifications for Membership to a club
    • This enactment eliminates business and professional criteria from membership qualification.
  • (16-99) Dues Increase
    • RI dues are currently $55 per year.   RI dues will increase $1 per year in 2016-17; increase $4 per year in 2017-18; increase $4 per year in 2018-2019; and increase $4 per year in 2019-20, reaching $68 per year in 2019-2020.  
    • Rationale:  investment returns are down; forecast shows deficits in next four years without a dues increase; more monies needed for upgrading the infrastructure (websites, etc). 
  • (16-01)  Requires written minutes of club Board of Director meetings
  • (16-02) Club Treasurer is added as an officer and board member, in addition to the Immediate Past President, President, President Elect, and club Secretary
  • (16-40) Rotaractors can simultaneously belong to a Rotary club.
  • (16-51) Transferring or former Rotarians are ineligible for membership in a club if they have debts to another club.
  • (16-82) E-Clubs - This enactment erases any distinction between regular clubs and e-clubs.  Regular clubs can have an on-line meeting; an e-club can have an in-person meeting.
There are many more important enactments (click here for a brief summary) as well as proposed resolutions and enactments that were rejected.   For a more in-depth look at the COL, our representative PDG Wade Nomura has a separate article in this newsletter.
In late February, we decided to have a contest for our Young Rotarians and Rotaractors (ages 19-35) to compete for a chance to attend the Young Leaders’ Summit (YLS) at the RI Convention in Seoul, South Korea on Friday May 27th.  The main purpose of the YLS is to provide an opportunity for young leaders around the world to convene and interact with one another to develop a road map for the future by discussing both challenges and opportunities to serve the world as future Rotarians. The summit includes speeches by world renowned speakers, panel discussions, performances and more.  But there’s more!  Each of these attendees are being offered accommodations and the opportunity to attend the RI Convention from 5/28 thru 6/1.   I am very proud to introduce to you our contest winners and soon-to-be District representatives/attendees to the Seoul YLS: 
  • RENE MARTINEZ,  RC of Buellton
  • DOMINIQUE BREDESON, RC of San Luis Obispo
  • JONATHAN  BROIDA, Rotaract Club of Santa Barbara
  • DAVID VO, RC of Santa Barbara Sunrise
  • SHANE NAZARETH, Rotaract Club of Santa Barbara
ATTENTION:  Club Program Chairs - each of these five people would make a wonderful program for your club!
Finally, here is a short 3-minute YouTube video to show you how easy it is to update your club logo, newsletter, website with our new imaging:  click here
In Rotary Service . . . . .  Jim Bell

Yee-Haw, Pardners!  Y'all are invited to the biggest barn raising this side of Bakersfield - the District 5240 Awards and DG Step-Down Shindig! Mosey on over to the Moorpark Country Club on Saturday June 25 to strap on the feedbag, do some whoopin' and hollerin', and send DG Jim riding off into the sunset Cowboy style!  Be sure to let us know yer coming so we have enough grub. 
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The 2016 Council on Legislation may well be remembered as one of the most progressive in Rotary history. Council members granted clubs more freedom to determine their meeting schedule and membership, and approved a per capita dues increase of $4 a year for three years to enhance Rotary’s website, improve online tools, and add programs for clubs. Read more about the Council, see photos, and download vote totals.


Rotary members are among the first to reach out and offer help in times of disaster, including in Ecuador and Japan, where earthquakes have killed hundreds of people, injured thousands, and caused billions of dollars in damage. Rotary districts in both countries have established relief funds, and members are collaborating with governments and other agencies to direct assistance where it is needed most.

Learn how you can help


In the days leading up to International Women’s Day 8 March, organizers of a Rotary event at the World Bank used social media and web pages to promote an event that was also streamed live. Thirteen times as many people watched the event online as attended in person, proving the value of the Internet in expanding an event’s reach.

Learn more in Quentin Wodon’s blog post
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Memorial Day Weekend, May 28-30, 2016
Imagine a Thousand American Flags...
Join Us! Over Memorial Day Weekend 2016, the sparkling lake in The Park at River Walk will be surrounded by a sea of red, white and blue as 1,000 American flags are flown in tribute to all who have sacrificed – and who continue to sacrifice – to make the United States the greatest country in the world.
Come to the Park and experience this spectacular patriotic display and celebration. Take time to walk among the flags and remember the men and women who ensure our health, safety and liberty. Enjoy activities throughout the weekend. On Memorial Day, Monday, visit the patriotic fair with booths, bands and fun. Member of the brass section of the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra will entertain the crowd with patriotic march music. From 11:30 - 1:00 pm, there will be a patriotic performances by our local groups followed by a very special presentation featuring a flag ceremony, dignitaries and invited guests. Sponsor one of these beautiful flags in honor of your loved one. Sponsors may pick up their beautiful flags after the event.
Sponsor one of the flags to be flown in honor of anyone, living or deceased, whom you wish to remember on this special day with a dramatic display of patriotism – perhaps a veteran, active service member, first responder, loved one, friend or any person who makes or has made our country a better place. Each flag comes with a special certificate suitable for framing and you're welcome to take your flag home after the event as our thank you. Order online or download the flag sponsor form.
(Flag Sponsor Download Form) https://od.lk/f/N183NTEwOTM0NV81VEdqbA
(Thousand Flags homepage) http://www.thousandflags.org/home.html

The Rotary Club of Arroyo Grande is hosting our 2nd Annual Rotary Harley Raffle to raise money for local community nonprofits and Rotary projects. We have partnered with the local nonprofit AmpSurf to host a poker run the day of the event.  We invite all to participate by buying a ticket or becoming a sponsor.
Margie Drube - Rotary Club of Arroyo Grande

Take a glance at the progress we are making toward eradication of this awful disease.
Jim Lewis

The Council on Legislation occurs only every three years. This is the only time that Rotary international and the Rotary Foundation can make changes in the governance documents. The Council is made up of representatives from all of the 534 districts worldwide. This year there were 523 certified delegates. Representatives are selected from within each of the Rotary districts and to be qualified, must be a past governor and in good standing with Rotary.
Each of the Council on Legislation has been known to have a special “personality” or trait. This Council has been more progressive in their thinking and willing to make change where needed. This Council also earned the reputation of focusing on and benefitting the members and clubs as their primary objective. It was also noted by veteran members and RI staff that the composition of this group was also younger, and with fewer years in Rotary service than in the past.
It was very interesting to see how international really is. There was simultaneous translation into 8 different languages, and the submitted enactments and resolutions often reflected specific issues that were cultural in origin. I was also pleasantly surprised at how “civil” discussion was during discussion, and respect was evident in almost every dispute.
The Council started on Sunday the 10th of April afternoon and went daily until Friday the 15th in Chicago. It should also be noted that $1.50 is included in every Rotarians annual dues to pay for the Council on Legislation.
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The editor received the following email from Kanika Gulia, President of the Interact Club at Moorpark High School, who wanted to share some of their projects with the District. The future is in good hands!
Animal Shelter Drive
Our Moorpark High School’s Interact Club was involved in an Animal Shelter Drive as a way to help support the Shelter Hope Pet Shop, a non-profit volunteer-based pet shop that showcases shelter animals available for in-store adoption. In this volunteer, we cooperated with the Petco Pet Store to request donations from customers. This volunteer opportunity helped our students in many ways to communicate with local individuals, and on a whole, the community service was a stepping stone for our Interact members to bring them into the adult world in terms of character, social stability and management capabilities. This successful drive also benefitted our Moorpark community by encouraging local residents through simple acts of kindness from teenagers, and through communicating with local customers, in a way, this volunteer helped bring a community together in effort to help support the Shelter Hope Pet Shop. In addition, this event was triumphant success for bringing warm smiles and greetings to the donators and the volunteers.
Habitat for Humanity
Joining Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County, Interactors participated in the construction and repair of a home in our community! Habitat's Goals were to create opportunities for all people to live in decent and durable shelters. This volunteer opportunity that allowed students to intimately experience directly serving the people in need in the community. This experience involved cooperating with fellow volunteers and other employees; constructing and repairing residents in ways such as painting; and laughing and enjoying working alongside peers and workers. Our students proved to the world and our community that despite their young age, young students are capable of working zealously in effort to bring aid to those who lack necessities.
Trick or Treat so Others Can Eat
Every year, around Halloween, our Interact members walk around the neighborhoods adjacent to the High School to trick or treat to ask for canned foods to donate to the Moorpark Food Pantry to benefit individuals and families in need in Ventura County. Throughout the few years of trick or treating so others can eat, we were often surprised with the exceedingly successful results. During these volunteering occasions, volunteers were required to interact with individuals they didn’t know, yet every year, both our neighbors and volunteers always exchanged warm and polite interactions. Due to this experience,  students were able to improve their social skills and their character as advocates for beneficial change to our community and the world.

Front Row L-R: Eric Kardel (Taiwan) RC SLO de Tolosa, Kathryn Evers (Belgium) RC SLO, Mathew Sabin (So. Korea) Bakersfield East
Back Row L-R: Ronda Werner, YE Chair, Jordan Riley (Italy) RC Bakersfield Twilight, Andrew Berkovitz (Switzerland) RC Ojai West, Thalia Garcia-Young (France) RC Simi Valley, Haley Hall (Chile) RC Simi Sunrise, Anna Johnson (Germany) RC SLO de Tolosa
The April 23-24 Outbound Orientation was chaired by Ronda Werner. We host this event in Camarillo for all of the Southern California and So. Nevada Outbound Students. The event was attended by 108 outbound students, parents, inbound students, Rotex and RYE Committee members. The weekend orientation helps prepare the students for a safe and successful year abroad. On Saturday, each student gave an introduction in their host language. On Sunday, each outbound announced his or her goals for their exchange and received their official Rotary Youth Exchange patch and pin for their blazers. The group is very excited about their exchange year. This is the first year we have had TWO outbounds from Kern County -- Congrats! The Bakersfield East Club will be hosting a girl from Spain this coming year. Our District will be hosting at least 7 girls and 3 boys including our first-ever student from Nigeria (Santa Barbara Sunrise) as well as students from Germany (SLO de Tolosa, SLO & Simi Valley), Italy (Camarillo), Brazil (Simi Sunrise), Japan (Goleta Noontime), France (Ojai West) and Taiwan (SLO de Tolosa).

Dear Fellow Members of District 5240 -
Please find in the attachment a short club story featuring the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo's "Hal Larsen Memorial Compostela Fishing Tournament". Our club is preparing for our Second Annual Tournament this fall, and raised more than $7,000 USD last year for the funding of a new regional public health clinic in Compostela, Mexico.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you!
Jessica Micklus

On February 6, 2016 local Rotary Club Members joined 125 volunteers of all ages to package 16,084 meals for the Stop Hunger Now humanitarian relief organization. Forty-two members of the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo teamed up with the NGO, along with members from other clubs, Cal Poly, high school and middle school volunteer organizations and anyone else that was willing to lend their labor after a crash course in food prep safety.
A BBQ lunch was served for volunteers at the PG&E Training Facility in Avila Beach, but the meal packs they prepared for shipping are vegan, with a combination of rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables and a flavoring mix that includes 23 essential vitamins and minerals. Participating organizations can buy the materials for the packs at $0.29 each and host events to get them put together and ready for shipment to disaster relief centers, school feeding programs, and orphanages. After packing, the food has a shelf-life of two years.
Christopher Romero, the northern California Program Manager for Stop Hunger Now noted that 90 percent of the aid is sent over-seas though partner organizations which run on the ground assistance in education and other methods where nutritional aid is an ancillary to their work. In short added, Parker Emerson with the Shelter Box program, aid is no longer dolled out in 50 pound bags thrown out of a moving truck. The food aid is being targeted with more care and respect than in years past.

For more information, contact Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo President Jeff Stulberg.

Photos & Article provided by Camas Frank - Editor. “Volunteers Gather to Fight Hunger.” SLO City News. 10 February 2016.

Submitted by Gil Igleheart
About 2 months ago, we did a demonstration for Los Osos Rotary.  "Afterwards, Shirley Hulin, a past-president, told Igleheart that her husband, Bruce, was a veteran whose PTSD symptoms returned after his leg was amputated last year.
Rotarian Gil Igleheart encouraged her to talk to Nicole Hern (Director of Training-New Life K9s). Several other key components serendipitously materialized to move this project forward.  " New Life K9s has been working with a yellow Labrador (Nickols) for over one and a half years but the dog showed some behavioral problems that would ban him from being a full service dog.  "The bond was instant and Nickols was placed with Bruce before his graduation. All participants in the placement came together to celebrate Bruce and Nickols’ success story on April 1st during another Los Osos Rotary Club meeting.
New Life Founder, Jack Gould said, “Last time we demonstrated what a trained dog could do for a veteran. This time we can show you how Nickols has benefited a veteran.”  From his wheelchair with Nickols by his side, Hulin said, Nickols will nudge me when I feel anxious.  He picks things up that I can't reach and opens and closes doors with an attached rope."
The quoted material in this can be read in its entirety by going to their website: www. tolosapress.com. The article was written by Judy Salamacha, a Morro Bay Rotarian.
Upcoming Events
May 9th - County Mental Health -County Government Building- San Luis Obispo 6PM
May 12 - Paso Robles Rotary (noon club) Paso Robles Inn May 19 - Los Olivos Rotary 5pm
Please view the KSBY newscast link here to get a good dose of what we Rotarians can do!
For more information see: www.Pawsforacauseca.org or call Gil Igleheart @ 805-710-0332

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