Financial Documents and Forms

District Finance Committee Chair 2024-2025
Barry VanderKelen, Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo
(805) 459-4318

District Treasurer 2024-2025
Lee Carroll, Rotary Club of Santa Maria Breakfast
(805) 448-6108

Financial Resources

The following financial documents are available:
The Rotary International dues and the District dues for 2024-2025 are as follows:

Rotary International dues are $78.50 per person for the year.  Clubs will be billed directly from RI.
  • District 5240 dues are $56 per person for the year.
  • The District Treasurer will bill each club ½ of the District dues per person ($28.00) at the beginning of the new Rotary year.  In January 2023 the remaining balance per person will be billed to each club.  
  • For all questions related to club billing and expenses, contact the District Treasurer.  
The District Finance Committee works with the District Governor and Board of Directors and District Treasurer to ensure the proper use of the District funds.

The District Finance Committee assists the District Governor-Elect and the District Treasurer to prepare the budget for the coming Rotary year.

The Finance Committee Chair is nominated by the District Governor-Nominee to serve as Chair during the year that the District Governor-Nominee will serve as District Governor.  The chair-nominee is a member of the Finance Committee during that Governor’s Nominee and Elect years.

The Finance Committee shall be comprised of the District Treasurer and one member each appointed by the DG, DGE, and DGN.  
The District Rotary Foundation Chair is an ex-officio member of the Finance Committee.

For more information on the Committee and its duties, refer to the District Leadership Policy Plan, sections 3 and 7.2.  Also reference the District 5240 By-Laws Article 19.

EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT FORMS for the current Rotary year are available for download by selecting the form above.  Instructions are on the form.  Please be sure to submit legible copies of the form.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM RI regarding IRS ruling:  Did you know that many years ago the IRS ruled that Rotary Clubs are not "charitable" organizations even though they qualify as non-profits?  As a result, any checks made out to Rotary Clubs (District also) for dues, donations, fundraisers, etc. are NOT normally eligible for income tax deductions.  Now, the district and many clubs MUST include a disclosure statement on all invoices for dues and on fundraising brochures.  Read the full notice from Rotary International for details.  Donations to properly established and maintained Charitable Foundations DO qualify for the exemption.

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