Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to take "Rotary Then & Now" before taking the Master PRLS series?

A: Yes. All Master PRLS classes are based on the theory and overview of the subject presented in Rotary Then & Now lectures. It would be unfair to the other participants of a Master PRLS class to have to go back and explain why we are presenting the subject matter in a particular way because some of the students missed the background lecture. There is also a fundamental philosophical difference in the presentation of Master PRLS classes, emphasizing by design, the practical application of the skills outlined in Rotary Then & Now lectures via student participation.

Q: Do I have to take Master PRLS Extemporaneous Public Speaking prior to taking Master PRLS Planned Public Speaking?

A: Yes

Q: Why?

A: Because Master PRLS Extemporaneous Public Speaking instruction is essentially one-on-one, and because the class instruction piggybacks on the instruction received in the Planned Public Speaking course.

Q: Do I have to take MPRLS Public Speaking Classes before I can take Facilitation Skills & Situational Leadership?

A: No.

Q: Why do I have to take Business Planning & Project Management last?

A: Because this class makes use of all the skills learned in all prior classes. It is also the Graduation time for the Master PRLS Program.

Q: I've heard that a club can host its own Rotary Then & Now, Facilitation Skills & Situational Leadership class. Is that true?

A: Yes, that's true. Please contact the PRLS Director for further details if you are interested in setting up a PRLS class for your Club or in a specific location.

Q: What does it take to become a PRLS instructor?

A: You must be a Master PRLS graduate, and have some additional training and/or expertise in the subject matter you wish to instruct, e.g. Toastmasters, Blanchard, Belbin, Covey, graduate degrees, professional work experience, etc. You should also have a Rotary record of achievement that distinguishes you as a Rotarian as well, e.g. PHF, Benefactor, Club President or Avenue of Service Director of your Club or the District, Foundation Alumni, etc. You should have dynamic, energetic presentation skills and a passion to travel around the District and interact with other dynamic, outgoing Rotarians on your subject. Please contact the PRLS Director and discuss your desire to instruct. We are always seeking new instructors with the above skills and accomplishments to augment our staff.