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Distributions completed in Philippines and Vanuatu
Philippines: Typhoon Vongfong (known locally as Ambo) devastated communities across Eastern Samar in the Philippines earlier this year. The destruction caused by the typhoon and the torrential rain that it brought with it affected nearly half a million people. ShelterBox quickly responded, working closely with our partner Terres des Hommes (TdH) to provide essential aid items to families whose homes were destroyed by the powerful typhoon. We distributed tarpaulins and rope, as well as additional household items which will enable families to rebuild their homes and provide a private space to protect themselves from the threat of coronavirus. Post-distribution monitoring was completed in late September, drawing our fourth response in the Philippines since March to a close.
With Tarpaulins and other household items families can begin the process of recovery after Cyclone Ambo.
Vanuatu: Tropical Cyclone Harold made landfall in Vanuatu earlier this year devastating communities across the country. The catastrophic cyclone decimated everything in its path as it tore across Vanuatu. It also damaged food crops and infrastructure. We have been working with our local partner CARE Vanuatu to get much-needed ShelterBox aid to 2,000 families. In September, the final distributions in South Pentecost were completed. These distributions targeted any remaining gaps identified after post-distribution monitoring. Families received tarpaulin, rope, tools, solar lights, and kitchen sets.
Distributions underway in India and Tanzania
India: When Cyclone Amphan hit India’s coastal regions of West Bengal and Odisha earlier this year it destroyed 1.7 million homes. The cyclone was the strongest to hit the River Ganges Delta since 1999. We quickly responded, working with our partner Habitat for Humanity India to distributed essential aid items to 1,400 families in the Sundarbans, one of the worst affected areas. Throughout September distributions of tarpaulins and rope, household items and hygiene kits have taken place. The hygiene kits include masks, soap, and a bucket to support families in preventing the spread of coronavirus. India is currently dealing with a rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases. To ensure the safety of staff, volunteers, and the people we are supporting, our trusted partner Habitat for Humanity India ensured mitigations against the spread of the virus throughout the response.
Distribution site for Cyclone Amphan response
Tanzania: Torrential rain and flash flooding across the south-east regions of Tanzania earlier this year resulted in thousands of homes being severely damaged or completely washed away. This has forced families to resettle to camps on higher ground. We have been working with the Tanzania Red Cross Society (TRCS) to support families who lost their homes to the flooding. Throughout September TRCS completed distributions of shelter kits and solar lights to families displaced by the flooding. To mitigate against the spread of coronavirus, the number of people present at distributions was limited, social distancing was promoted on site and handwashing stations were made available. Post-distribution monitoring began at the end of September.
Tanzanian Red Cross preparing demonstration of aid package supplied by ShelterBox.
Protracted Responses to conflict displacement
Did you know over 79 million people are displaced right now due to conflict? That is the most in recorded history. ShelterBox has earned two Nobel Peace Prize nominations for our work helping families displaced by violence and war.
Cameroon: Violent Boko Haram attacks, extreme weather conditions and the impact of coronavirus in the Lake Chad Basin have resulted in a dire humanitarian crisis in the Far North region of Cameroon. The area now hosts over 114,000 refu­gees and more than 320,000 internally displaced people. To add to the already critical situation, heavy rains throughout September have seen thousands of people affected, with the region being one of the worst hit in Cameroon. We have been working with our trusted partner IEDA Relief in the Far North region to support families who have been forced to flee their homes. In September, we completed distributions which included 743 tents with household items including wa­ter carriers, kitchen sets and blankets, 560 shelter kits, 2,000 tarpaulins and rope, and additional household items for fam­ilies with added vulnerabilities. We are now beginning our next project in the Minawao refugee camp. PDG Louis Turpin, D7210 NY, is looking for Global Grant partners to help fund this work. He can be contacted at
Ethiopia: Rapid political and social reform in recent years and an increase in inter-communal and secessionist violence across Ethi­opia have led to volatile patterns of displacement. Conflict, drought, flooding, an infestation of locusts and now the coro­navirus pandemic continue to be key drivers of humanitarian needs across the country. It is reported that more than two million people in Ethiopia need shelter assistance. Throughout September, we have continued to work with our trusted partner the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and distributed tarpaulins, rope, and essential household items to 3,500 families.
ShelterBox and IOM distribution in Ethiopia
Syria: There is still no end in sight to the conflict and violence that continues in Syria. The focus is now on the last opposition stronghold of Idlib in the North West of the country, where up to one million people have fled their homes since December.
As well as the constant fear of violence, families displaced have the added threat of coronavirus to add to their worries. We have continued to work with our trusted partners ReliefAid and Bahar Organisation throughout these difficult times. In September, we helped 800 families with shelter and household items. We are now planning the next project a winter response in Syria with ReliefAid which will include shelter, household items, and warm clothing for children.
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