Here's how we roll in Cayucos. To celebrate Cayucos Rotary's Club President Steve "Lars" Larson's and Michele Lilley's birthdays this month, members of Cayucos Rotary decided a birthday parade would be in order, while practicing the 6-feet distancing.  
Several members met at 24th Street in Cayucos, put on fun hats, armed ourselves with bubble guns, cow bells, whistles and banners, and marched towards President Lars' home on 19th Street. Others joined us in a vehicle by Lars' home.
bday parade.jpg
All in all, there were 20 of us, including a toddler and baby and two dogs.  We sang "Happy Birthday" to Lars and Michele. The lemon cake baked by our club treasurer, Eileen Geil was yummy and finished in minutes. No crumbs were left behind.
kate serving cake.jpg
It was a fun gathering. We missed each other!