Since the Regional Stay at Home order went into effect in early December, local hotels and restaurants  have had to layoff many of their employees once again. Over 100 families in Cambria and neighboring  San Simeon, affected by layoffs, find themselves struggling to feed their families and to provide every day necessities. While both the San Luis Obispo Food Bank and Cambria Vineyard Church have regular bi-weekly food  distributions and the Cambria Lions Club is providing a hot meal each week, families are still in need.  So, Cambria Rotary has once again jumped in to help by providing gift certificates for our local market to the 100+ families identified as being in need. It was determined that providing gift certificates rather than groceries gives people the opportunity to purchase items that may not have been included in the various food pantries such as paper goods, over the counter medications and perishable items.  The plan is to continue to provide gift certificates every other week until the stay at home order is lifted  and people are able to get back to work.