Julius Achon had a dream to build a Medical Clinic in his village of Awake in honor of his mother Kristina who was shot and killed during the war in 2004. With the closest access to health care being 78kms away, there was a huge need within the rural northern Uganda community for a clinic to treat the local residents. Kristina Health Center provides primary medical care including triage and appropriate treatment, disease testing, inoculation, medication dispensing and education. The most common illnesses are malaria, typhoid, cough and flu, pneumonia and other serious conditions including internal organ issues requiring referral to Lira Regional Hospital.

Our Rotary Club recently heard that the clinic’s motorcycle was beyond repair. The clinic was using the motorcycle to follow up with patients, do short distance outreach, and transport laboratory samples. Without the motorcycle, the only other means of transportation was the ambulance, causing possible delays in emergency services. With the help of a District Grant, we were pleased to purchase a motorcycle for Kristina Health Center so they and continue providing badly needed medical help to this rural community.