Interactors Join Carpinteria Morning Rotary in Shining the Light of Service

The Carpinteria Avocado Festival Booth manned by Carpinteria Morning Rotarians and the Carpinteria High School Interact Club members sold enough solar student lamps and solar cell chargers to replace kerosene lamps with solar lights in 7 homes in Cuba and provide 15 families and small businesses in Guatemala City and the Philippines with solar chargers for their cell phones.

In an AvoFest Booth, students explained the benefits of solar lights and solar chargers to AvoFest attendees from the, answered questions and made the sales.  Solar lights and chargers were sold on a “BOGO” basis, that is, “buy one and give one”. The buyer keeps one solar device to use at home and Morning Rotary sends the other solar device to a needy person in a village or town without a source of reliable electricity or no available electricity at all.  The Interact Club members learned presentation and business skills while providing a service to people around the world.