Back in February, 2020, the Rotary Club of Carpinteria Morning hosted a matching grant for a project called Unite To Light.  Rotarian Mary Layman worked on this project which included the purchase of solar lights and batteries for an Orphanage in Roatan, Honduras.  Mary’s son, David Cicleo is also working on this project. 

Since the pandemic, the solar products were not able to be delivered. Months later, on Nov 12, 2021 we were able to meet and Mary and her son hand delivered the solar products to Roatan and visited the orphanage. 


These solar products are extremely helpful because some parts of the community in Roatan do not have constant or any electricity.  The solar batteries keep their devices powered, which is important since the children rely on their computers and iPads for their schooling and communication.  The solar lights are beneficial for working, reading, cooking and travel when there is no power available.