To celebrate Past District Govenor’s support and mentorship, Cayucos Rotary instituted a new “Chungsam Doh Music Scholarship Fund” program to nurture college students wishing to major and pursue a career in music. The scholarship is being funded by the club’s annual fundraisers.
Besides music being the major, the selection criteria requires that scholarship applicants have must completed at least one year at the local community college, and perform at Cayucos Rotary’s annual masquerade event, if selected.  Priority is given to students currently engaged in music pursuits, and community involvement. Students with financial needs are also considered.

Since the inception two years ago, six scholarships comprising $1,000 each have been awarded to Cuesta College students. Cayucos members participated in the auditions and provided input on the selection of these scholarship recipients.  Starting this year, the club has provided connections to students who wishes to broaden their skills to perform locally.