All four students have to complete a full year at Cuesta College, must be majoring in music and looking to pursue a music-related career, to be eligible for the scholarship. In addition, the students had to undergo an audition which Cayucos Rotarians participated and provided input to select the most qualified candidates.  
In the past two years, the successful students performed at Cayucos Rotary's annual Masquerade fundraiser to receive their scholarship checks. Due to Covid-19, Cayucos Rotary decided the students could use the funds and the checks were sent to each student. All four students agreed to visit Cayucos Rotary soon, to perform.  
The scholarship fund was created to honor and thank Past District Govenor Chungsam Doh for his support and mentorship to Cayucos Rotary, The project, named "Chungsam Doh Music Scholarship Fund" is dedicated to help aspiring college students who are preparing for a career in music. PDG Chungsam Doh had presented the scholarship checks to the successful students in past years. Please contact Cayucos Rotary if your club would like to participate in this project.