On March 13th of this year Rotary year, the Rotaract club of Conejo Valley worked with the local Manna food bank to sort food. When they arrived, they were shown around the facility and were told that Manna would soon be moving into a larger facility they had purchased. Rotaract was told about the precautions they had to take during COVID and how those in need would have to fill out a form to receive their food.
The Rotaract Club was instructed on how to check for dates to make sure items were safe to give out to the community members that needed them. While it got hot during their service project, they were able to stay cool by drinking water and wearing sunscreen. Overall, the club members had a wonderful time sorting the food and making sure they put the items in the correct locations. Current club president, Benjamin Wilson, is confident that their club will be back to help again and enjoyed the time bonding over whether the item belonged in the ramen bin or the pasta bin.