Sunrisers worked from their homes to prepare dictionaries that will be delivered to 600 third grade students at Santa Barbara schools. Club members would normally gather in one location for the assembly part of the project and teams would deliver the dictionaries in person to each of the class4rooms. With health restrictions the assembly was done by each club member at home and the dictionaries were dropped off for teachers to distribute to their students. 
Each Student Dictionary includes the Rotary emblem sticker on the front and a book plate inside honoring the name of one of our speakers from the previous year. 
The goal of the Dictionary Project is to have a positive impact on education, to empower children to become skillful communicators and resourceful learners. For many young students, this dictionary is the first book that they have ever owned as theirs alone. Educators have determined that the 3rd grade is the best time to begin teaching young students how to use a dictionary.  
This project is funded by the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Charitable Foundation with support from a Rotary District 5240 grant. 
Photos: Kathleen Rogers, Gary Jensen, Janet Napier.