District 5240 is putting together another team of Rotarians to India to participate in a NID (National Immunization Day) on February 3-4, 2019.
The trip will most likely start on January 28th and end around February 9th 2019. Besides the activities on Feb. 3rd, door to door immunization will be conducted over a few days starting on the 4th (we will do door to door immunization only for 1 day). This will entail some long hours and lots of walking (which means you need to be in good shape, physically and mentally).
Here are some guidelines that will influence the selection process:
  1. Team size will be limited to constraints of our host Rotarians.
  2. A club sponsoring a participant can consider this as an international service project and should be prepared to explore worthy projects from the host districts in India. It is strongly suggested that the team member makes a presentation to their own club (and other clubs) on their NID experience. 
  3. Preference will be given to those who have not participated in previous NIDs.
  4. Team members must be in good physical and mental health considering the stress and strains of long flying time and a busy and hectic schedule while in India. This requirement is very important.
  5. The District expects that the team members will become ambassadors of the Polio Eradication Program in their respective clubs and their local communities.
  6. A rough estimate of the total cost, including air travel, is around $3000-3500, ($700 out of this amount is required to be sent with the Participation Form). This cost estimate does not include any shopping sprees. You can reduce your cost by sharing the hotel room with another team member. Once we have the team finalized, you will get a copy of the participants with their contact information. You can contact other people on the team and seek for roommates.
  7. We can have a day or so to do shopping and sightseeing in New Delhi. We will also go to Agra for a day to see the Taj Mahal. This will be a side trip after the NID portion is completed. This part of the trip is strictly optional. 
  8. Once we are in India, the team will be split into teams of 3-5 people and each team will go to different location. Some internal travel will be involved which will be arranged by us. Cost of that  travel and the international travel is all inclusive in the total cost estimate. 
  9. Please make sure that your passport is current and does not expire within 6 months of the trip completion. Once we have the team in place, we will give you directions on how to obtain a Visa for India.
  10. One, 3 to 4 hour’s orientation program will be held on Sunday Jan. 13th, 2019 at my home, 655 Oldstone Place. Simi Valley, Ca, for education on polio, details about the trip and other cultural nuances. It is mandatory to attend this session. 
  11. Our role on this trip is three folds: (1) To boost the morale of the workers who have been doing this for many years and they are getting fatigued and tired, (2). To increase the visibility of the immunization program, and lastly, (3) get a chance to give oral polio drops to the children. 
  12. Once the team is put together, you will purchase your own airline ticket to India. But if you want, I can purchase it for you along with my own. You will pay for the hotel stay directly to the hotel when we are in India. Usually, our hosts will pay for our meals when we are in the field, but the meals taken in the hotel are paid by you. We will complete all the accounting at the end of the trip and any refunds due will be sent after we return.
  13. We will be making all the arrangements for travel within India and also the hotel stay within India. You will pay for the hotel directly when you reach there.
Please complete the forms FOUND HERE as early as possible and send to the address below but no later than Nov. 9th, 2018. Please make sure that your Bio is more about Rotary and please don’t send me your resume. I would prefer if the Bio is printed on the computer or typed. Hand written Bios are very hard to read. They will be sent to the hosts in India. All the registration material should be sent to me together in one package and not in installments.
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