Dear District 5240 Rotary Club Leaders,

As Rotary Year 2016-17 comes to a close, now is the time to meet with your club members and remind each other of all the accomplishments you have achieved this  rotary year, all the good that you have done and all the hard work and effort you  participated in to help make your community and our world a better place.

A great way to thank the Rotarians in your club for their successes and accomplishments is to complete the District Recognition Application and  be able present your club members with banner patches and certificates that say "Thank You" from District 5240.  As Rotarians committed to “Service Above Self” I know that we do not work for awards.  We work for the joy we bring to others and we receive our "payment"  in the currency of the heart.

The District Awards are our way of saying “thank you” for a job well done.  The awards enables you as club leaders to bring these recognition items back to your club to thank each member for their service and support.

I urge you to participate in the district recognition event.   Every year when I read the submissions from the clubs in District 5240, I am overwhelmed by the many activities we take on to change lives and communities.   Take time now to dedicate an upcoming meeting where your club can review all that you have accomplished during this Rotary Year.  It will energize your members and helps everyone look forward to the next challenge. 

I am attaching the District Recognition Criteria with  instructions and information on how to submit them to the District. Those clubs that are fortunate enough to be partnering with Interact or Rotaract Clubs, please reach out to them to help them complete the forms as we definitely want to encourage our youthful Rotary members.

At the same time, we all like to hear a "thank you" or "well done" that reminds us how many people we touch as we go about our commitment to doing good in the world. It help makes the next task you take on more pleasurable and invites others to join.

The deadline for submissions has been extended to May 15.  Email your submission to awards@district5240.org

If you have any questions you can contact District 5240 Awards Chair Paul Clayton at the same address  awards@district5240.org .

I look forward to seeing all your submissions, as well as seeing you all in person to thank you at the RY 2016-17 awards event and  stepdown on June 24th in Thousand Oaks.


District Awards 2016-2017

Interact Awards 2016-2017

Rotaract Awards 2016-2017

Yours In Rotary Service,


Nick Frankle

District Governor, Rotary Year 2016-17