The Clubs in District 5240 made the Contest Committee's job very hard this year with such terrific entries!  For those clubs that took the time this year to conduct the Contest, you have instilled the Four Way Test into the minds of children in your community, from Grade School through High School.

My goal for 2012-13, would be to have 100% club participation in this project.  A message will be sent out in a week or so with stories from those clubs that participated sharing their experience.  Please make sure your club's Vocational Service Chair/Director knows about this great annual contest.

 And the winners are!

For the elementary school division:

  1. First Place – Santa Maria Breakfast – Samantha Spallino
  2. Second Place – Ojai – Emma Strickland
  3. Third Place – China Lake – Chloe Telles

 For the middle school division:

  1. First Place – Simi Sunset – Brandon Freed
  2. Second Place – Pismo Beach – Ryan Brennan
  3. Third Place – Simi Valley – Haley Perkins

 For the high school division:

  1. First Place – Pismo Beach – Joanne Crandall
  2. Second Place – Thousand Oaks – Shai Goldberg
  3. Third Place – Ojai – Hannah Strickland

First Place winners will receive $300, Second Place $200 and Third Place $100.  The District will prepare the checks and have them mailed to the winning club to distribute as they choose to the students.

The Contest Committee and I send our thanks to all the clubs that participated this year, and look forward to many more clubs getting involved next year!