The District Website is in the process of being updated to take advantages of new capabilities of ClubRunner Version 2.0.  Please contact Terry Beckett at to report any problems or suggestions.  Click in the "more" link below for a description of some of the changes.

Following is an abbreviated list of some of the changes you will note with the updated District 5240 Website.

  • The rightmost column has been eliminated to allow more space for the other columns.
  • The District Events which were formerly in the right column can be accessed pr selecting the "District Event" Tab near the top right of the page.
  • The "Site Pages" have been deleted from the left column.  They can now be accessed via the Tabs along the top.
  • Please experiment by moving your mouse over the Tabs along the top.  Note that the contents are displayed as your mouse mover over a tab.  In some cases, moving your mouse over the subtabs will activate hints on the contents of the subtab.

More changes are coming as we experiment with the new features.

Please have patience if problems are encountered.  Send a SHORT description of the problem to Terry Beckett at

This story will be updated as new changes are implemented.