One lucky couple will get married on the Rotary float in the El Desfile Historico (Fiesta) Parade on August 7th!
In the spirit of Fiesta Romantica, the Rotary clubs of Group 8 will host a wedding on their parade float.
the float, a replica of the Santa Barbara Courthouse Sunken Gardens – a truly lovely place to get married – could be the perfect venue for a couple who loves Fiesta, Santa Barbara, or lots of attention.
Thank you to all of the Rotarians who have helped with the design, construction, and decoration of the float. 
Couples who are interested should email with the following information:
  1. Your names.
  2. Why do you want to get married (or renew your vows) in the Fiesta parade? Why should we choose you?
  3. If we make our decision Wednesday, August 5, can you be ready to get married on August 7?
  4. How can we best reach you? Please provide phone numbers and emails.
If you have questions, please contact David Velarde at (805) 680-6575.
Read on for the FAQ.
Why should I get married in the Fiesta parade?
  • Fiesta is magical, and you deserve a magical wedding.
  • It will be easier for both of you to remember and celebrate your anniversary each year.
  • Flowers! Horses! Confetti! Romance!
  • Save yourself months of planning and expense, and just do it!
How many guests can attend the wedding on the float?
A couple, an officiant, and two witnesses can join the wedding on the float. A photographer or additional guests may be negotiable. A few thousand other guests can be accommodated all along the parade route.
What’s the dress code?
You are invited to wear traditional wedding or Fiesta attire. While we want to honor the couple’s desire to wear anything they want, we also want to provide a great show for the parade viewers. The float and its other attendants will likely be in 1920s dress, honoring the decade when the Courthouse was built.
Can we choose where along the parade route we exchange our vows?
Should we get married?
If you want to, yes. If you’re not sure, ask your mother.
What does the float look like?
Right now it looks like a lot of wood in the shape of the Courthouse. Next Friday it will look like a dream come true. You are welcome to assist in the construction and decoration of the float. Bring friends. Have a photo shoot.
Will you consider couples who want to renew their vows instead?
Yes. Use the application to tell us why we should pick you.
Do I need my own officiant?
You are encouraged to provide your own officiant. If you would prefer, a Rotarian can perform your service. We have some very charming Rotarians.  
Who handles the marriage license and paperwork?
The couple. Visit the County Clerk website to learn more.
Can we have cake on the float?
We really hope so.
What’s the catch? 
The Rotary clubs recommend a donation of $500 or more, which they will use to continue their charitable work.