Meeting the Needs of the Changing Rotary World Requires Working on Sundays


Rotary District 5240 leads the Rotary world in education and that sometimes means working Sundays.   On Sunday October 26th six dedicated Rotarians came together to practice for a Rotary Foundation Meeting to be held on October 30. The fact that all the Rotarians were not in the same location or meeting face to face is not news worthy. Most of the time a meeting like this would go unnoticed as district staff has been using conference calls and Go-to-meeting for several years now.   What sets this meeting apart from other meetings using online collaboration tools; it was hosted via Go-to-webinar from Citrix Online.

Starting October 30th Rotarians will not be asked to give up as many of your weekends to travel to a Rotary meeting somewhere in the district.



WebinarThe first one hundred registered Rotarians from District 5240 will be able to view and participate in live webinars from the comfort of their home or office or workgroup (coming soon). If you are not one of the first one hundred to register or part of one of the work groups viewing the webinars around the District, you will be able to view the recorded webinars on the District website beginning the week after the seminar.  The link to register for this Thursday’s webinar is Your Rotary Legacy Doing Good Beyond Your Lifetime .

The webinars came from the efforts to meet the changing demographics and needs of Rotarians in District 5240 and has been the focus of the District Communication Team chaired by DGN Nick Frankle.   Special thanks to DGNE Michael Dunlap from D5340 and D5240 Rotarians, PDG Brenda Cressey, PDG Luz Maria Ortiz Smith, Scott Phillips, David Gore and Walt Stephens for giving up their Sunday morning to fine tune the webinar presentation for prime time on Thursday.

Become a part of Rotary District 5240 Legacy in two ways. Be one of the first to use our webinar from your home or office and learn how to leave a gift to TRF in your name that will live on forever.

Serving with the best,


Loretta Butts
Rotary International
District Governor
Rotary District 5240