Moorpark Morning Club President, Chris Barrett, was picking up his kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Moorpark when one of the staff noticed he was wearing a Rotary mask. She mentioned that they were hoping to start a gardening project for the kids, but wanted to know if Rotary had anyone who might know a source for building garden boxes. As a firm believer that we are people of action, Chris let the staff member know that Rotary would make it happen.
When his club heard the need, they quickly had a committee formed to make this dream a reality.  After pricing to build the boxes themselves, they found a source who could make the boxes cheaper than they could get the wood for, so they ordered 8 boxes.
Peach Hill Soils generously donated soil to the project and the committee helped move the boxes to their new home, filled them with soil and one member even donated some seedlings from her garden to get the kids started on their new adventure.