When I was young, my father taught me many things by using "sayings" or "quotes" to remember. One I remember to this day and used throughout my business career with all levels of management was: Readers are Leaders; Leaders are Readers.
I have probably repeated that quote a million times in the past 30 years in my attempt to pass along to others how important it is to be a reader. Little did I know until I joined Rotary how vast the pool is of those who are unable to read. I was unaware that 781 million people world-wide are illiterate.
Rotary International calls the month of September "Basic Education and Literacy Month". From youth not in school to adult illiteracy, Rotarians can make a difference in their communities. I urge you to check the many programs available by Rotary International to assist you through "My Rotary" at www.Rotary.org as you get involved to help solve this world-wide problem.
Jim Bell
Rotary International District 5240