Grant for Underprivileged Youth in Jaguariuna, Brazil
The Matching Grant done in Rotary year 2012-13 where the Rotary Club of Moorpark was the International Partner and when Scott Farrenkopf was President to setup a career center for under privileged youth in Jaguariuna, Brazil has progressed beyond what any of us would have imagined. This career center has turned into a Rotary sponsored private high tech. cooperative high school paired with local businesses. The students go half a day to school and half a day to work (and get paid which means a great deal to the families).
The Rotary Club of Jaguariuna covered the equipment with our help via the MG, their Foundation covers the building, and the local business partners they lined up cover the teacher's salaries. This school is top notch and is considered much better than the public school for both teachers (who are paid better) and computers (which we helped supply).
On Rotarian spouse Gisele Farrenkopf's last visit to Brazil, it happened to be at the time of the school’s graduation ceremony. Gisele was invited to attend the ceremony on behalf of the Rotary Club of Moorpark by the Rotary Club of Jaguariuna. She was able to hand out diplomas to some amazing students. Attached are some photos from a local auditorium in the City of Jaguariuna Brazil where the ceremony was held.
It is amazing to see how a small project has grown into a major program and the difference it has made and will continue to make.
Scott Farrenkopf