In January 2022 the Grover Beach Rotary learned of Grover Beach Elementary’s efforts to provide a clean water project for a kindergarten in Viet Nam. This project is an educational fundraiser for the installation of a Gravity Water Project.  The school that Grover Beach Elementary decided to partner with is a residential Kindergarten that has difficulty providing clean water for its students in the Ban Lien District of Viet Nam.  Grover Beach Elementary decided to partner with Gravity Water, (c) 3 non-profits focused on turning rain into safe drinking water through a rainwater capture and filtration system to clean the water of waterborne Illnesses and diseases. The project was developed by Sienna Robertson, school counselor, with the support of principal Petra Reynolds. There is also an educational component of the project where students learn about the country and location of the school the project the students will be assisting. Students have begun corresponding with school members in Viet Nam.
The financial cost of the project was $2500. Early in the project, the Grover Beach Rotary got the ball rolling with a donation of $500. The students themselves undertook fundraising efforts and raised a total of $1500 through a variety of on-campus fundraisers. The Pismo Beach Rotary learned of the project and decided to also contribute with a $500 donation. This was a great project all around. It was a youth project conducted in an international way that will provide ongoing benefits to students on both sides of the Globe.