Why has Happy Face Hill Become so popular?
The simplicity of a Happy Face 100 foot in diameter on the hillside entering Simi Valley brings a smile on one’s face. Let us face it. It has been a tough year. People are looking for signs of joy. Simi Sunrise Rotary does maintenance on the hillside about every 4 months. The cars beeping in the distance on the 118 freeway as they go about their work fills their souls. The neighbors surrounding the hillside bring them water to drink. They want to say thank you to the ones doing the work. The club gives out a baseball cap with the Happy Face on the front and their Rotary logo on the back. The meeting speakers wear it immediately and the club knows it will be worn promoting the Rotary Brand. It has become an important part of the club. Club President, William Klepper says, "We say it jokingly we bring Happiness to the Community, but we know in our heart, we really do. It is our privilege."