Please join us for a cross-sector collaboration forum designed to educate and inform the community on human trafficking on the Central Coast. You are invited as an individual, agency, educational or governmental leader who is essential in uniting the community on important topics. Whether or not you or an agency has joined the anti-trafficking movement, we are looking forward to collaborating with the hope of building a firm foundation for community action.
Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing criminal enterprises in the United States. We as a community live in a thriving region that attracts global tourism at our beaches, entertainment at local casinos, provides access as a mobile corridor from San Diego to the Oregon border, enjoys a prosperous agricultural economy, a wealth of businesses, and continuous commercial growth. With that comes vulnerability that has led to a growing epidemic of human trafficking on the Central Coast that will take willing members of our society to create change.

This initial forum is focused on sharing a comprehensive view of how human trafficking is affecting our local communities within our region and gathering partners to counteract those affects. The event will include statistics, survivor stories, healthcare initiatives, governmental response, and ultimately a call to action and commitment to work together to fight against human trafficking on the Central Coast.