The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise provided funding for musical instruments for the children of Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua. The municipality will maintain a music school where children, adolescents, and youth from the city can learn to play music. The city has instructors in place, a physical location, and some basic instruments, but they lack a larger variety of instruments to be able to develop the music training.

The grant funded the purchase of the following musical instruments and supplies: 18 guitars (15 clasica and 3 electroacoustic), 1 bass guitar, 19 guitar bags, 1 guitar strap, 2 cables, 12 classical guitar pedistals, 4 keyboards, 4 keyboard adapters, 4 keyboard pedestals, 4 keyboard bags, 1 bongo, 1 pedestal for bongo, and 1 Peruvian percussion box.

While the school was waiting for the instruments to arrive, the children fabricated their own home made instruments in anticipation of the new ones on their way. The first of the new musical instruments have now arrived at the Ciudad Sandino music school in Nicaragua. They were presented to the mayor of Ciudad Sandino. 

This project is funded by the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Charitable Foundation and a grant from Rotary District 5240.