By Tim Trujillo, Executive Assistant Governor, Region 1
A Rotary Corporate Membership plan can be set up for Business Owners/Corporate Heads that are on the go. Either you, the Corporate Member or another representative you choose from your workplace is invited to all Rotary functions.
When business takes you away from Rotary events, you’re encouraged to send another member of your business in your place. In your absence, there is no charge for your replacement. This is a great way to expose those in your business to the good work Rotary does and to the fun and learning that happens at Rotary meetings and events. Attendees at Rotary events make great business network connections and learn from interesting and educational weekly meeting speakers.
The monthly corporate membership dues are [$$$] and will be billed monthly. These dues entitle you or your delegate to attend all Rotary meetings, projects, and non-charge events. When you attend and bring along a guest to a regular weekly meeting there is a [$$] guest lunch charge.
If you have an employee you’d like to attend meetings regularly in your place, you can have a Rotary name badge made especially for him/her for a small one-time fee. It’s a great way to help your protégé(s) in their growth and development.
Corporate Memberships also include reimbursement of registration fees for Rotary District and Rotary International events, Rotary training classes, and club socials.
We invite you to consider the many benefits of the Corporate Membership Plan.
This alternative style of membership has proven to be successful in my club the Rotary Club of Tehachapi. Should you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me @
*The letter above is a sample of what your Rotary Club can do to help build your membership. Please feel free to use it and/or edit it to meet your club’s needs and culture.