Please read the message below from RI President K.R. Ravindran.  8000 Rotarians are able to attend mass with Pope Francis at the April 30 event sponsored by Rotary District 2080 and the Vatican.
My Dear Friends,
I am pleased to bring you the good news that His Holiness Pope Francis will officiate at a Mass to Rotarians at St. Peter’s Square, Rome, on 30 April. We will have 8,000 seats reserved for Rotarians, as well as friends and family.
It is my great pleasure to invite you to join me in Italy on this day as we celebrate the Jubilee of Rotarians, a special event hosted by Rotary District 2080 and the Vatican.
In addition, local Rotarians will host special celebratory dinners and plan a service project for attendees.
I believe this event is a tremendous honor that will raise Rotary’s status across so much of the world, and it should bring us all great happiness to be a part of it, regardless of our own religions and beliefs.
For more information, please visit the Jubilee of Rotarians website, which has been provided by our friends in District 2080. Updates and additional information will be available leading up to the event. Registration will open 18 January. I ask that you also include mention of this event in your governor’s monthly letter.
This Jubilee, as established by Pope Francis, is known as the Holy Year of Mercy. It marks the time of forgiveness and reconciliation, of solidarity, hope, and justice. It is a commitment to serve with joy and in peace across the world.
As you work hard to Be a Gift to the World, I do hope you will make the effort to be in Rome with as many members of your district as possible.
Best regards
K.R. Ravindran
Rotary International President, 2015-16
Click the Read More link to learn more about the History of Rotary District 2080 Italy.

District 2080 includes Lazio and Sardinia Island.
District 2080 was created by the split of the original Italian District called 46 and then 87. District 87 was split in 4 Districts, including District 92, later called 188 and then 208. In the Rotarian year 1991-1992, District 208 became 2080, until today (see Rotary International history in Italy, by clicking here).
Nowadays (September 2008) Rotary International District 2080 is composed of 79 Rotary Clubs. It is located in the middle of Italy and its regions (Lazio and Sardinia) is two of the most beautiful regions in Italy, both for the art and the sea.
The first Rotary Club born in this District (when the district its self was still called 46, the Italian District) is Rotary Club Roma (Rome). It is born on December 6th 1924 and formally admitted to Rotary International on January 6th, 1925. The Charter was delivered to the newborn Club in the wonderful frame of Palazzo Salviati, situated in Corso Umberto I°.
This wonderful ceremony was attended by the Presidents of Rotary Club of Paris, Amsterdam, and Madrid, several Ministers of the Italian Government, Ambassadors of the United States, France and Great Britain.
The territory is simply incredible: ancient cities (both in Lazio and Sardinia), lakes and seaside everywhere. In Lazio region, Ostia and Fregene are two of the many seaside cities. In Sardinia, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Golfo degli Aranci and many others make this island unique with amazing seaside. 
The major District's cities are Rome and Cagliari, respectively in Lazio and in Sardinia.
Rome is the capitol of Italy and it is called the "Eternal City"; for sure it is one of the most beautiful city in the whole world, full of art and ancient architecture: it was the cradle of the Roman empire and still today it is possible to find ancient leavings all over.
Cagliari is the major city in Sardinia, this wonderful island with a lovely sea. The island is probably the most beautiful seaside in Italy.