The KernYES! Board of Directors met during the Holiday break and decided that in an abundance of caution to not hold the upcoming February 2021 event. The first priority is the safety of our students and volunteers and student education. As the pandemic rages on with students still not meeting in person, we felt it was not safe or prudent. We also took into consideration the burdens on teachers and counselors coupled with the difficulties they face even after they return to in-person learning; we could not add the challenge of coordinating KernYES! registration, it would be too difficult and a near impossible task. We will be meeting mid-August 2021 to plan our February 26, 2022 KernYES! event and very much look forward to continued collaboration in support of our youth.
On behalf of the KernYES! Board of Directors, we thank you for your support! 
Li Gibbs
Executive Director, KernYES!