As we emerge from a difficult time in history, education has changed significantly. I wanted to recognize and congratulate Jimmy Cantillon, of the Camarillo Morning Club, for creating a program that enriches high school students in areas that the typical classes don’t offer.

Jimmy and his brother, Kevin are both passionate about education, and have created a program for high school students that bridges the gap in areas that kids are currently missing out on.

The Covid pandemic and shutdown changed the dynamics of the classroom, and made it difficult for teachers and administration, resulting in a huge need for online learning. Jimmy and Kevin created a program called High School Nation that (prior to the shutdown) went into the schools to teach (and donate to) music, journalism and film production and then eventually branched out to include personal finances and goal setting. Kids are excited about the program and can easily access the original content online.

The shut down brought about the need to transfer the classes and industry leader interviews to online programs. Jimmy and Kevin have enlisted big donors to support their program, collaborated with software companies and are reaching kids throughout CA and the nation.

For more information, go to or contact Tommy and Michael Cantillon along with Jimmy and Kevin worked together on this project. They are four of five sons born to Sheila Murphy of Carpinteria Morning Club.