Lee’s Membership “Pow Wow” News

Our district 5240 is moving up mightily in Zone 25/26 and setting the stag for top honors in membership growth.  During this first quarter District 5240 has experienced the largest growth in nine years.  This is the greatest increase since July 2, 2010.  Credit belongs to everyone who set membership as a priority goal for this Rotary Year.

Considering a 12 year comparison from October 2007 to October 2019 we have 30 growing clubs vs 18 growing clubs in 07. This is an amazing accomplishment in this era of declining membership.  

Congratulation to the following Rotary Clubs:

Simi Valley – net positive for the 1st time in 6 years    

Santa Barbara Sunrise - 3 consecutive years of positive growth

Lompoc  - 2 consecutive years of positive growth

Bakersfield North - 2 consecutive years of positive growth

And 26 more clubs who were recognized at the District Conference with Outstanding Membership Certificates.  

Out District Governor, Savi Bhim has set an ambitious goal of 1000 new members for the year.  We are moving in very positive direction.  

Hang tight, keep the focus and make Rotary relevant for current and new members alike. Way to go District 5240!