District 5240 has no shortage of outstanding Rotarians whose service to humanity can serve as an inspiration to all of us. This Rotary year, we plan on recognizing and sharing their inspirational journey. Each of the 12 Groups in the District has been assigned one month in the Rotary 2019-20 year for the Assistant Governor and Presidents to select one Rotarian of Action in their Group. For the month of March the Rotary Clubs selected as their Rotarian of Action to be Laura Willis, Westlake Village Sunrise. In recognition of “doing good in the world”, Laura will be presented with a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition.


Laura Willis has been a member of the Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise twice. She left many years ago when her Chiropractic practice moved and returned to the club a few years ago. She has been a spark to a 35-year-old club. Her intensity, enthusiasm, willingness to help on all levels, and devotion to Rotary is displayed continuously and in every aspect of leadership.

When she rejoined, she took it upon herself to meet, and get to know each member.  She reached out, joined committees and served as a cheerleader for events, projects and regular meetings.  She has been a spokesperson and major “instigator” sparking action and encouraging participation. 

After only a short time, she was selected to be a Board Member and gained perspective.  

Laura agreed to be the club president. She has gone beyond what is expected in her preparation as President-Elect:

  • She took it upon herself to learn about each role in order to support the people and the club 
  • She is club secretary and keeps her pulse on the workings of all avenue of service committees
  • Laura has become very involved in Club Service and Membership committee work along with supporting the Vocational Service Chair and being the guide on the side and helping to create new projects where none existed.
  • She is an extraordinary communicator and keeps contact with members, officers, district and regional leaders continually.

Laura agreed to co-chair the club’s Backstage with the Beatles fundraiser and ended up doing the bulk of the work and leadership. She was chief spokesperson, marketing voice and cheerleader. She fostered opportunities for others to take significant roles and encouraged participation even from the most passive.  

Before it was cancelled, she set a goal of record participation in the District Training Assembly. She had members who never would have attended register and planned the social gathering after. She is a mover and shaker. She has the ability to get people to join her in almost every endeavor and enjoy it.

She has become a go-to person and is always available. She has developed a virtual fundraiser to engage members in the next couple of months.  She attends all club activities and participates in a big way. She plays a big role in helping to run every Rotary meeting and her attendance is 100%. She has actively supported the transition to a virtual reality and stays connected to members unable or unwilling to join in.  

All of these accomplishments have occurred in a year in which her business (as a health professional) remains busy and is challenged by the demands that the Covid-19 pandemic have created.