Visiting RC of Tegucigalpa

The Club Rotario de Tegucigalpa was the host club on GG1876286 and has been a partner of Operation Footprint for eighteen years. We visited their club meeting the first night we were in Honduras. From Left to Right: Oscar Castaneda – Tegucigalpa and Primary Contact on GG 1876286, Harry Walls – Nipomo, Edgar Garcia – Westlake Village Sunrise, Edwing Pavon-  Tegucigalpa, Leigh Seaton – Simi Sunrise, Audrey Brown – Westlake Village, Nick Frankle  - Westlake Village Sunrise

Infant Casting- Leigh Seaton (Simi Sunrise) and Audrey Brown (Westlake Village) assist in casting the legs of an infant to correct a clubfoot condition.

Operating Room- Visiting Rotarians were invited into the operating room to observe the surgeries and provide support as needed.

From Left to Right: Edgar Garcia – Westlake Village Sunrise, Leigh Seaton – Simi Sunrise, Harry Walls – Nipomo, Audrey Brown – Westlake Village

Evaluation- Leigh Seaton (Simi Sunrise)  presents a beanie baby to a child waiting to be evaluated. Ty, Inc. donated two cases of beanie babies to the project.

Operation Footprint provides surgeons, training, medical equipment and supplies that enable doctors in Honduras to diagnose and treat children with deformities due to untreated clubfoot  and unable to participate in normal childhood activities. In January 2020 surgeons from Operation Footprint Baja Project traveled  to Honduras to perform surgical procedures that correct or mitigate impact on lives of  Honduran children. The public Hospital San Felipe provides staff, equipment and four operating suites.  

The Operation Footprint surgeons train local doctors in diagnosis and corrective procedures for the deformities. The result is children leading normal lives and local doctors better prepared to diagnose and treat clubfoot.

A Rotary Foundation Global Grant  provided laboratory and surgical equipment and supplies to enable Public Hospital San Felipe to better serve their patients. The Rotary Clubs of Westlake Village Sunrise and Tegucigalpa, Honduras sponsored the grant. Eight other clubs in District 5240 supported the grant.

This year Rotarians from the Rotary Clubs of Westlake Village Sunrise, Westlake Village, Simi Sunrise and Nipomo accompanied the medical team.  They interacted with the children, helped with casting, and spent time in the operating room.  They presented the equipment and supplies to Honduran government at the Congress building.   They made many new friends and had a life-chaining experience while seeing the Rotary Foundation in action. Many thanks to everyone who has helped  give a child the ability to go to school, play, participate in family activities and look with hope to the future.

Primary contact is Nick Frankle, Email, Cell: 805-402-6303. Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification.