Submitted by Gil Igleheart
About 2 months ago, we did a demonstration for Los Osos Rotary.  "Afterwards, Shirley Hulin, a past-president, told Igleheart that her husband, Bruce, was a veteran whose PTSD symptoms returned after his leg was amputated last year.
Rotarian Gil Igleheart encouraged her to talk to Nicole Hern (Director of Training-New Life K9s). Several other key components serendipitously materialized to move this project forward.  " New Life K9s has been working with a yellow Labrador (Nickols) for over one and a half years but the dog showed some behavioral problems that would ban him from being a full service dog.  "The bond was instant and Nickols was placed with Bruce before his graduation. All participants in the placement came together to celebrate Bruce and Nickols’ success story on April 1st during another Los Osos Rotary Club meeting.
New Life Founder, Jack Gould said, “Last time we demonstrated what a trained dog could do for a veteran. This time we can show you how Nickols has benefited a veteran.”  From his wheelchair with Nickols by his side, Hulin said, Nickols will nudge me when I feel anxious.  He picks things up that I can't reach and opens and closes doors with an attached rope."
The quoted material in this can be read in its entirety by going to their website: www. The article was written by Judy Salamacha, a Morro Bay Rotarian.
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May 12 - Paso Robles Rotary (noon club) Paso Robles Inn May 19 - Los Olivos Rotary 5pm
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