This has been a unique year. Just as we were entering the last stretch of the year things dramatically changed because of the COVID-19 crisis. 
 You watched helplessly as your well laid plans and hard work went down the tubes. It has been especially hard on clubs that have had to cancel their major fund raisers. Some of you are wondering how will your clubs continue your projects next year.
Then there is the mounting possibility of losing members who are uncertain of their jobs and businesses and will not be able to pay their dues and will have to leave their clubs. This will not be their first choice because more than ever at  a time like this we all need our family of Rotary. Let us do our best to help them during the uncertain period.
With these concerns weighing heavily in the hearts of the District Board we have decided to see how best we can financially assist you. 
As a result the board of directors voted to refund 58% of the paid January dues to all the clubs. We wish to thank each and every one of you for your outstanding contribution to your clubs and your communities during these challenging times.
Savi and the D5240 Board of Directors