The Council on Resolutions meets online each year.  Representatives from all of Rotary’s districts vote on resolutions that clubs, districts, the RI Board, and the General Council or Conference of RIBI have proposed. The RI Board of Directors will then consider all resolutions that the Council adopts.

What are resolutions?

A resolution is a request to the RI Board or The Rotary Foundation Trustees to take an action that is outside the purview of the constitutional documents. Ideally, a resolution should affect the Rotary world, rather than address local or administrative issues.

Who votes on the resolutions?

Representatives from all Rotary districts vote on resolutions proposed by clubs, districts, the RI Board, and the general council or conference of RIBI.

Representatives are chosen for three-year terms. The 2017-20 Council representatives will vote in the 2017, 2018, and 2019 COR

The 2017 vote took place from 15 October to 15 November.

Results have been published and any Rotarian can now view the resolutions and the results of the vote.

If you are interested in the results from Council on Resolutions, please visit the following link: