Receive, review, and vote on local charity/charities to receive up to $30,000 for Capital Project Project: Create Grant committee to receive, review, and vote on local charity ( or charities ) to receive needed funds for CAPITAL Project. 15 applications totaling, $322,945.00 in requested funds, were submitted to Grant Application Committee.  Each applicant has a Rotarian recommendation. The Committee agreed to fully fund the amount requested to a single nonprofit in our community, that being Golden Empire Gleaners ( a food bank ). The funds will be used for capital improvement. The Gleaners’ building is very old and needs 54 broken windows replaced, new carpet, painting inside and out, and new phones. Nothing has been upgraded for over 10 years. There are health and security issues with the windows and the fact that birds or burglars can access the warehouse area. The building is becoming unsafe due to the windows issues, uneven floors, and worn carpet. The paint is peeling on the outside causing damage to the wood siding.