The Rotary Club of Camarillo received their District Grant Round 1 and Round 2 totaling $1,970. Then one of their members promised to match up to $2,500 if they could raise $2,500. They were able to achive their goal in ONE Zoom meeting for a total of $7000. BOOM!!!
They decided to donate these funds to Food Share for the purchase of packaging materials for fresh produce for low income people in their community. Properly packing produce for distribution reduces the spread of infection, increases food safety, and provides for a quick efficient hand-out at  the newly established drive-thru pop-up pantries.
Food Share stated that for every dollar donated it translates into a multiple of 5 so our $7,000 really is $35,000.

"Without generous Rotarians, some of these local resources cannot survive but we,  together, can help them to thrive!!"