Each quarter, Cayucos Rotarians lead Cayucos school students; many of whom are Interactors to clean the beach and Ocean Front Street in Cayucos. Armed with bags and gloves, both Rotarians and students set out to hunt for "treasures".  
Featured in last winter's clean-up are past presidents, Sherry Sim and Steve Geil, and club secretary & Cayucos Interact advisor, Jessica Peterson.
An ongoing project for Cayucos Rotary, the club has adopted Cayucos State beach by Cayucos Pier since the club was chartered in 2008. In return for Cayucos Rotary's work in keeping the beach clean, San Luis Obispo County Parks installed a sign by Cayucos Pier to acknowledge the club's contribution.
In past years, the club also organized BBQ socials in conjunction with the clean-up. Participants also included community members and friends. The students are mostly middle-schoolers who enjoy being out in the sun and work notoriously to minimize waste that impact marine life. What a fun group!