Recently the Rotary Club of Conejo Valley, collaborated with several organizations, including Rotary Club of Nuevo Leon, Gift For Life, Cardio Chavitos, international surgeons, and anesthesiologists to help perform life saving surgeries on approximately 31 children in Monterrey Mexico. Diego Velasquez, International Service Chair for Conejo Valley’s club, worked together with his club and the various groups to get a Rotary global grant approved to further support this incredible mission. Early November 2018, Rotarian, Diego Velasquez, along with numerous volunteers arrived in Monterrey Mexico amongst the captivating views of the mountains eager to get their project started to help these less fortunate children in dire need. They visited the world class Hospital Zambrano Hellion where surgeries took place and had a pre-surgery meeting with the local Rotary Club of Nuevo Leon, Gift for Life, Cardio Chavitos, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other volunteers. Children checked in and had an emotional, high-spirited meeting with the volunteers.  All in all surgeries went very well and these lovely children got a second chance at life thanks to Rotary and the other amazing organizations’ contributions. As Rotarians toured the city after there was a sign on the street that summed up the trip, “Vivir Es Increible”, which means that "To Live Is Incredible!"