RC of Ojai, People of Action Zoomin’ along...

With 80 Active members, 50-60 have been attending our weekly meetings, including honorary members we don’t always get to see, family members, guest community members and timely speakers.

With a member assisting the Pres. each week to handle slides, videos, awards, etc. it has all moved along smoothly with interesting & packed programs.

Zoom has allowed us to carry on committee and Board business, hold our Annual Scholarships program (awarding over $68,000 to High School Seniors), honor local non-profits & programs (awarding over $30,000 in Community Grants) and raise $4000 on a successful Funds/Food drive during these Covid-19 times.

We’ve been able to share much needed belly laughs too... like our happy hour/ talent show, Rotary restaurant “dinner rush” and a competitive & spirited scavenger hunt! Each week we have a meeting Greeter with themes like sharing baby photos, 80’s hair-do’s, graduation, etc.  We even had a slightly unruly “Bring your pet to Rotary day”.

We are also reaching the community in expanded ways via zoom, like presenting Student Peace Ambassador Awards at the Ojai Unified School District monthly Board meetings, assisting other non-profits on conducting successful zoom meetings, and hosting a Chamber of Commerce “Mixer” to support and learn how we can best help our local businesses in the tough times ahead.

The results - we’re finding new ways to have fun, learn more about each other, solidifying the bonds of Rotary and show the community more than ever about what Rotary is all about!