On Oct. 19, 1920, the Rotary Club of Oxnard held its first meeting.  Its minutes show that over 20 people were in attendance. However, it wasn’t until December of that year that the club received its charter from the Rotary District Governor and became an official member of Rotary International.

The Rotary Club of Oxnard celebrated its 100th year of support of area children and its role shaping community leaders at a luncheon earlier this month. 

About 13 past club presidents spoke at the event, given one minute each to reflect on the accomplishments they oversaw during their time as leader, said Patrick Mullen, club historian and executive secretary.

Since its founding, the Rotary Club of Oxnard has given back to the community through numerous programs. 

The club currently hosts the longest-running youth basketball tournament in the country. Thousands of local boys and girls in grades 3 through 8 have participated in the tournament since 1948, which aims to teach teamwork and sportsmanship. 

This story was partially reprinted from the Ventura County Star.