School’s out for the summer! San Luis Obispo Rotarians presented 14 well deserving local students with scholarships to support their future academic endeavors. In total, $39,500 was awarded to local students. The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo Challenge Scholarship Program provides scholarships to high-achieving students who have faced significant personal challenges during their school career. Its goal is to help scholarship recipients focus less on financial challenges and more on advancing their learning. 
Individual scholarship amounts varied from $1,000 to $20,000 (awarded in annual distributions of $5,000 over 4-years). Award recipients were graduates from San Luis Obispo High School, Pacific Beach High School & SLO County Independent Living Program.
The Scholarship Fund is made possible by two major fundraisers: The Rotary Homes of Distinction Tour (September) and the Rotary Spaghetti Western (March). Thank you to the efforts of our club members and generosity of the community! 
Congratulations to our May 2019 Scholarship Recipients!
Rachel Burns 
Janae Caldera 
Tiara Bais
Grace Bancroft
Azul Blazquez
Dexter Lai
Riley Miklik
Stephanie Banuelos
Tiana Dorsey
Jesse Pelz
Sophia Theis
J.T. Reynolds
Matt Hovanac
Avalon Hatcher
Titus Shanks
Joseph Randall Shanks
Timothy Shanks
Pictured below (Left to Right)
Dexter Lai, Riley Miklik, Grace Bancroft, Colleen Martin, Azul Blazquez, Tiara Bias
Scholarship Recipients pictured below (Left to Right): Timothy Shanks, Joseph Randall Shanks, Titus Shanks
Scholarship Recipients pictured below (Left to Right): JT Reynolds, Sophia Theis, Jesse Pelz, Tiana Dorsey, Stephanie Banuelos