The Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise worked with Club Rotario Centenario in Ensenada to bring supplies to a clinic that provides cleft palate surgery for children, along with dental restoration, speech therapy and more. This clinic is open only 4-6 times a year with approximately 80-90 volunteers assisting more than 200 patients. The clinic provides life-saving surgeries and related health care for FREE to underserved children so that they can eat properly, speak normally, and be more accepted in their communities to live normal lives. Simi Sunrise brought supplies that the clinic will provide to their patients.
In collaboration with Club Rotario Ensenada Centenaria our club realized the need to assist with providing supplies to patients at the dental clinic in the city run by Thousand Smiles. Thousand Smiles, a 501(c)3 foundation, provides free maxillofacial surgery, dental treatment as well as, various associated procedures to children from financially challenged families in Mexico. This project is totally funded by donations including but not limited to Rotary International Grants, other foundation grants, Rotary Club donations, and personal donations. The project is completely managed and run by volunteers.