“The Rotary Club of Westlake Village held a career day for students of Westlake High School, November 22nd 2019. The Rotary members spoke with 40 students of The Academy program about their personal experiences with school and how they prepared for college or a career. The Rotarians that participated were from left to right, Brian Hynes – Owner Borderline Bar and Grill, Mary Olsen – General Manager KCLU, Mike Dutra – Owner Candu Graphics and Kelly Honig – Mayor of Westlake Village. With the many paths taken by the members to be where they are today, the students understood the options available and that while they may be striving for a career in one field, most likely that will change with schooling and life experiences. In addition one of the students became an employee of one of the participants, wanting to experience a work life that many students do not have during these times.”