On Saturday the 8th the Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise kicked off its newest community service program called the Rotary Home Team with a very successful turnout of members. Too many to list, members showed up with their Rotary outfits and participated in an initial training course to learn how the Home Team would operate.
After a brief social over coffee and healthy, low fat, no sugar, non-gmo, organic, pasture raised, free range and no hormones donuts the crew spent a little over 45 minutes learning the proper way to work with seniors in their homes. From initial introductions and administrative paperwork, to looking at the repairs that have been requested to deciding on who does what, the Rotarians learned that for many seniors simple minor repairs that are performed are so necessary for the seniors to continue living at home.
Many questions were asked and answers given, and then teams were formed to go out to this months senior requests. Everything from light bulbs needing to be replaced and smoke detectors being checked, to leaking sinks and door bell fixes were performed at the seniors homes we visited.
In the end the seniors were so thankful for our work and just kept repeating what a nice program we have developed. I know the Rotarians that participated really enjoyed the work we did because we made a difference in the seniors' lives, albeit a small one, but one nonetheless.
A success all around, next Home Team date is on June 10th and we expect to have many more requests for help as the word gets around that the Rotarians from Westlake Village Sunrise are ready, willing and able to get the job done. Thanks to all that showed up and participated and to Senior Concerns of the Conejo Valley for being our partner in this much-needed community service project for our seniors.