The seven Rotary Clubs of Bakersfield come together to celebrate Rotary International’s 110th anniversary by launching an awareness campaign to “Paint Our Town Rotary” from March 15 through April 15. 
The Rotary Clubs of Bakersfield North, West, East, South, Downtown, Breakfast, and Twilight will be launching a “Paint Our Town Rotary” Campaign on March 15, 2015 to bring public awareness to the organization of Rotary and the Rotarians that serve in our City. During the campaign, members will post signs that include the messages: “Change Lives,” “Building Community,” “Make A Difference,” and “Attend A Meeting.” The signs and Rotarians ask all that are interested to “Join Us” in making our world a better place. And all seven Rotary Clubs are welcoming non-Rotarians to join them at a meeting for a free meal between March 23 and March 27!​
If you have questions, contact Sheri Horn-Bunk.