In recent articles, we saw how Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) recognition points work using a 50:50 matching arrangement Click Here For 1st Article, and how clubs can use them to become 100% Paul Harris Fellow clubs Click Here For 2nd Article.

In this article, we’ll demystify the difference between the PHF “recognition amount”, and PHF “recognition points”, reported by The Rotary Foundation (TRF) via MyRotary.  Click on “The Rotary Foundation” tab, then on Foundation Reports.  Your Donor History Report is at top.

Once you’ve opened your report, look in the upper right-hand corner.  You’ll see two numbers: the PHF Recognition Amount and Foundation Recognition Points (available for transfer).  How are these calculated?  Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. First, add up all contributions you’ve ever made to TRF’s Annual Fund, Polio Plus, or an approved grant, from all “Contributions” listed in the report’s Transaction Detail tab.
  2. Second, add up all PHF points transferred to you (“Transfer In”) from all Rotary sources.  The sum of these two totals is your “PHF Recognition Amount”.
  3. Finally, add up all PHF recognition points you have transferred to anyone else (“Transfer Out”).  Subtract this Step (3) figure from the Step (1) total to find your current Foundation Recognition Points balance.

An example should make this easier to understand.

Amanda has given $1,500 in total to TRF (Annual Fund and Polio Plus) in the past few years.  She originally became a PHF when she received 500 recognition points from her club’s 50:50 match program.  Recently, she used 1,000 of her own recognition points to honor a local community volunteer as a new PH Fellow.

  • Amanda’s PHF recognition amount = 1,500 + 500 = 2,000
  • Amanda’s PHF recognition points = 1,500 – 1,000 = 500.

Interpretation: (1) Amanda is now a multiple Paul Harris Fellow (PHF pin with one sapphire) since her Recognition Amount is 2,000. (2) She still has 500 Recognition Points available.

 Check out a very interesting implication of this arithmetic

Beth and Charlie are Rotarians who became PHFs due to $1,000 gifts each made to TRF.  Each has a “recognition amount” of 1,000 and “recognition points” of 1,000.
Beth and Charlie decide to help each other become a multiple PHF.  First, Beth agrees to transfer 500 of her PHF recognition points to Charlie if Charlie contributes $500 to TRF (50:50 match).  Next month, Charlie transfers 500 of his PHF recognition points to Beth, if Beth contributes $500 to TRF.  Both Beth and Charlie have now each contributed $1,500 total to TRF, yet both have recognition amounts of 2,000 (1500 + 500).  Therefore, they are now both multiple PHF (PHF + 1 sapphire), and both still have recognition points of 1,000 (1,500 minus 500).

They each contributed just $500 and yet both qualified for a new PHF pin.  Talk about leverage!

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