Westlake Sunrise Rotary Club was well represented this year at RYLA. We sponsored one student, and we had three Instructors at RYLA. Our Past President and Past Rotarian Nadine Allen taught Leadership Fundamentals. Our current Treasurer ( and Past Rotarian of the District), Marilyn Lippiatt, taught Ethics, and Kelsey Wisdom ( daughter of Past President Jim Wisdom) taught Goal Setting. In addition, Jim Wisdom and Dan Harutunian ( Rookie of the Year last year, and on the Youth Services Committee this year) attended the Closing Ceremonies. 
RYLA District 5240 can be a life-changing experience for not only students, but also the Counselors, Instructors and Staff. Below are the words of Kelsey Wisdom, who was a RYLA Student in 2009, and has been a RYLA Counselor for six years, an Instructor for one, and was the Co-Producer for the only virtual RYLA in 2021:
“Every year, it’s like reading a favorite book. I get to re-evaluate my life, re-evaluate my priorities, it’s a marking of time for reflection. Every year, it seems like everything we teach becomes more important. Not just for the students, but also for the instructors and staff. The type of community and support that the RYLA students get to experience is very rare.”
I asked Kelsey what percentage of RYLA students have life-changing experiences like she did in 2009. She said she wasn’t sure, but even for those who don’t immediately sense a life-changing experience, she said ( quote from Oprah) “The world talks to you in whispers.” Her point is that RYLA teaches you truths and things that you hear and may not always immediately accept and appreciate. However, sooner or later, it will become more clear in time that those things that were taught at RYLA were invaluable to you if you embrace them in your own life. 
Attached are two pictures from RYLA: Jim Wisdom ( who has been a Counselor of RYLA for about eight prior years) with Nadine Allen, and Kelsey Wisdom with Cabin 6 on the final morning of RYLA.