Sebastien Dreckman saved the day for the Interact Club of Simi Valley High School.
The Interact club participates in many hands-on service projects while developing strong leadership skills, and those skills were put to the test.
One day last fall, at the last minute, the Interact Club was asked to run several game booths at a local pumpkin patch, including bean bag tosses and the pumpkin bowling station. An all-weekend event, the pumpkin patch would provide an invaluable opportunity to help the Interact Club raise money for charity. Due to the late notice, however, the club lacked enough support from its members to manage game booths on Saturday. Without enough volunteers, the opportunity was all but lost.
Annika Paseta, a member of Santa Susana HS Interact Club, asked Sebastien, a teenager at Simi Valley High School with autism (ASD), if he could help out at the event. 
His mom hesitated, but Sebastien did not want to let his friend Annika down. His mom never imagined that Sebastien was capable of engaging in the booth as he did. He exceeded everyone’s expectation by taking the responsibility of running the booth that catered to youth attending the pumpkin patch.
Sebastien assisted carnival participants and made sure everyone followed the rules. He was able to interact without any input from the mother and/or volunteers. Since the club was shorthanded, it could not oversee Sebastien in his booth -- but it didn't need to. He handled it perfectly all day! 
Never underestimate one's capability for doing great deeds.
“We were in a real bind,” said Interact president Kevin Chang. “We really needed somebody to step up and help out. Thankfully Sebastien came around and helped us saved the day. For that, we commend him!”

Through Sebastien’s help, the Interact Club was able to raise a hefty $500 to donate to charity. Without his help, the fundraiser would have been a failure. The Interact Club would like to celebrate his enormous contribution by recognizing him through this article and ensuring acceptance and inclusion in schools and communities that results in true appreciation of the unique aspects of all people. We want to get one step closer to a society where those with ASDs are truly valued for their unique talents and gifts.